Max – 21 month old male Greyhound

Okay so we’re not going to lie, this huge but very handsome, stubborn hunk of trouble is Max and he really is in need of a special home who have experience of huge hunks of bull lurcher trouble and challenges! Max is a PERFECT example of irresponsible breeding and a dog who doesn’t live for more than a few days in a pound situation so is a very lucky boy to still be around. If you are that amazing person or couple who DO meet Max’s criteria and have experience of this breed we would really love to hear from you as Max desperately needs someone / a home to call his own so he can start to relax and enjoy bonding with someone who loves him for who and what he is. He is a baby really at only 21 months of age, a whopping heavy lump of 30-35kg and approx 26.5 inches to the shoulder.

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Max is a handful and a real ‘Man’s man’. If he could, he would kick back with the boys on a Friday night with his paws up, open a can of larger and do a big burp whilst watching the footie! A graceful Greyhound he is NOT. He really will make someone a very loyal and loving companion but it’s a big ask that we find that special person as they will have to bond with him and be 100% committed to calmly teaching him his boundaries and make him feel safe and relaxed so he doesn’t always feel that his job is to guard, he needs to learn he can just play and enjoy life as a companion.

Max is a good boy in the home and has always been very clean and asks to go out when he needs the toilet. Max is very unpredictable with other dogs, both males and females so care must be taken whilst walking and we feel that avoidance is the best route. No other pets please. Max would be very happy having a large safe, enclosed garden to run around and play in and it would take a great deal of stress off him and his new family as he can be so strong whilst out and about and stressing about what other dogs are doing. When in public places he should always wear a muzzle as a precaution.

Ideally Max would live with a single man or a very dog savvy couple who (as previously mentioned) are up for a challenge! Max is a clever boy who just like an onion needs to have his layers peeled back to expose the best bit which will take time but reward you tenfold with love and loyalty. He would perhaps like agility training at home to keep him busy and wear him out and we really feel at this stage no children and no other dogs or pets please.

Max is presently in a foster home in Norfolk and you will be required to travel to Norfolk to both meet and collect him after a successful home check is carried out. Max is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, deflead and wormed and a home check will be required as part of the adoption procedure.

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