Max is a 10-11 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross. He’s in an Oldies Club foster home in Cinderford, Gloucestershire.

At first, Max would not settle when left alone and would bark continuously but his foster carers have very gradually built up the time he’s on his own and can now leave him for up to two hours.

Max needs a home where there is usually someone with him but once he’s settled in, with a bit of practice again, he should be fine when you need to leave him at home for a while.

Max is believed to have previously lived with a female dog but he now finds other dogs a bit of a worry and needs to have his home and humans all to himself.

Max hasn’t been cat tested but he does like to chase birds and squirrels so he would probably have a lot of fun chasing cats too. Max has been friendly with everyone he’s met, including children.

However, he is quite solid and a bit clumsy so it would be best if any resident children were aged 6 and over. Max hadn’t been taken out for a long time (several years) when he came into Oldies Club care and he didn’t know what to do on walks.

Max has made good progress and now enjoys being taken out. His recall is poor and he should be kept on a lead unless in a secure and private area.

Max prefers a quiet area, such as woodland, as he finds a town environment a bit overwhelming still. Max prefers not to encounter other dogs because they alarm him and he sometimes gives them a warning bark to keep them away.

Max has received some training now from a dog behaviourist and, using a double-ended lead attached to his harness, he can be distracted and diverted from other dogs, but they are best avoided so he is not unduly stressed.

Max has learned the ‘find it!’ game, which means that if there is a dog he needs to be distracted from, you can throw small treats to the ground and he will look and sniff them out, instead of becoming fixated on the other dog.

All information received from the dog behaviourist will be passed to his new family, as the techniques taught will need to be continued.

Max likes going on adventures with his people. He whines when he first gets in the car but quickly settles, looking out of the window for a while and then nodding off on longer journeys.

Max loves just being near his people. Wherever you go, he’ll want to be there for moral support. He loves snuggling up on the sofa with his carer in the evening. He is also quite foody.

Any type of dog treat is a hit with Max and he’s able to reach up to kitchen counters so you have to be careful not to leave food out. He likes carrying things in his mouth too.

When he’s overexcited he might pull at your clothes, trying to make you hurry up. His foster carers have tennis balls handy to put in his mouth and this works well.

Another thing he does when excited is sung! He likes being talked to and loves scratches. He sometimes mumbles his approval. He’s a very amusing boy! Company is the most important thing to Max.

Max wants to be able to follow his human around and settle down near them, whatever they’re up to. He wants plenty of fuss and likes being talked to. A quiet environment would suit him best and he needs experienced owners who will help him feel relaxed.

Max does like to sunbathe in the garden and snooze away in the evenings, preferably on the sofa with you. Max is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed/flea-treated.

Max has no known health problems and has had a couple of lumps and warts removed from his legs. The vet has suggested that any new lumps are checked.

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