Max is a cuddlesome male Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross, aged 12, who is in an Oldies Club foster home in Hampton, Middlesex, waiting for someone to offer him a permanent home.

Good boy in foster: Max took a couple of months to really settle into his foster home. He likes to take his time to get used to a new place and new people but is happy and relaxed once he does.

Can be left for short periods: Max is looking for a home where there is someone at home most of the time. His foster carer is now able to leave him for an hour or two; he barks initially when left but then does settle down.

You would need to gradually build up the time he is left on his own once he feels secure in his new surroundings. He’d be an ideal companion to someone who works from home and wants a companion for solid and substantial cuddles!

Needs to be an only dog: Max apparently lived with a female dog for 11 years, but he can be quite barky when he sees another dog on a walk. In a previous foster home he was said to be reactive to other dogs. His current foster carer doesn’t think he is being aggressive, though isn’t certain whether it’s excitement or reactivity. All that said, we are looking for a home for Max where he will be your only dog.

No cats: Max likes to chase birds and squirrels and it is thought he would chase cats too, so he needs a cat-free home.

Can live with older children: Max has been friendly with everyone he’s met, and he’s lived with children before. However, he is quite solid and a bit clumsy, so it would be best for any resident children to be aged 8+. Max is not at all aggressive, but he’s strong and fast, so it would be a case of knocking smaller children over when he’s excited. Spatial awareness is definitely an issue!

Enjoys his walks: Max hadn’t been taken out for several years when he came into rescue and he was initially very anxious on walks. His foster carers have been taking him for daily walks of up to 5K and he is now lead-trained and doesn’t pull or tire easily. He’s less anxious too and has started to enjoy being out and about.

His carers walk him on lead, in areas where there is less chance of a dog running up to him. They have also taken him to private fields off-lead and he’s walked along quite happily with them and stays close, but they wouldn’t trust his recall in a public place. Max prefers walks in quiet areas such as woodland, as he can find a town environment a bit overwhelming still. He needs at least 45 minutes of walking per day and would manage more.

‘Find it!’ game: Max prefers not to encounter other dogs because they alarm him and he sometimes gives them a warning bark to keep them away. He has received some training from a behaviourist and, using a double-ended lead attached to his harness, he can be distracted and diverted from other dogs, but they are best avoided so he is not unduly stressed.

He has learned the ‘find it!’ game, which means that if there is a dog he needs to be distracted from, you can throw small treats to the ground and he will look and sniff them out, instead of becoming fixated on the other dog. Information received from the dog behaviourist will be passed to his new family, as the techniques taught will need to be continued.

Very good in the car: Max loves going on adventures with his people. He’s great in the car and really enjoys a road trip!

Max’s favourite pastimes: His humans are Max’s favourite pastime! He loves to be as close to you as he can. Snoozing, eating, lickmat, pottering in the garden too, but he just wants to be with you. He’s not big at playing, but tummy and ear rubs are always welcomed by Max.

Dislikes: His foster carer told us: “Max arrived as a very anxious dog inside and outside the home. We had some history from previous owners and a behaviourist. It was apparent that Max wasn’t being walked regularly and that he was strong on lead through inconsistency with training and not managing his anxiety well.

Since being with us he has been prescribed Fluoxetine for his anxiety, and with additional training, this has most certainly helped him. He is calmer in the home and more confident out and about. His new home will need to continue building his confidence and advocating for him when out and about. Consistency is key for him. He’s a beautiful boy but can become overwhelmed in situations.”

Max’s ideal home: Max will thrive in a calm home, preferably in a rural setting or where there are quiet residential streets and parks for him to explore with his human. He wouldn’t enjoy a busy home as it would unsettle him.

He loves being the centre of attention and is very polite. Routine is key for him, and he needs an experienced owner who is confident to handle his little insecurities. His foster carer believes he will grow and flourish in the right home. He just wants to please and he’s affectionate and great company.

Sleeping arrangements: Max has been sleeping in the kitchen at night. During the day he sleeps wherever his chosen human is working. In his foster home, four people work from home, so Max rotates around the house to spread his love and attention equally!

Health notes: Max is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is responding well to anti-anxiety medication and his foster carer feels that Max needs to stay on this as his anxiety can be overwhelming. He is in good health with just a few little skin tags, and he had a couple of lumps and warts removed from his legs a while ago.

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