Please meet Max who is almost 3 years old cross-breed boy and currently living in Essex and looking for a new home.

Max is a larger dog so we are looking for a home with big dog experience who is willing to continue his training.

Max is a very loyal and loving family dog. He adores his family and enjoys playing with the children but we are looking for a home with children 16+ due to his size.

From his current home

Max really is a loving and loyal dog towards his family and those people he knows and loves.

He loves being outside whether that is in the garden or out on walks and just wants to spend time with the humans he loves. He loves long walks in the countryside exploring bushes and woods etc.

He is also very good with other dogs, appears to have good social skills and plays well when with other dogs. He is not always interested in smaller dogs and does seem to prefer playing with bigger dogs.

When out on walks he shows no aggression towards people we meet but doesn’t tend to want much engagement with them, preferring to play with their dog if they have one.

He has a small amount of obedience and will sit when given the command and is becoming better with the “leave it” command.

  • Max is already in the UK
  • Larger cross breed male
  • He is neutered
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Dual chipped
  • Toilet trained
  • Lead trained
  • Good with other dogs but meets would be needed
  • No cats
  • Children 16+
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