Max – 8 year old male Belgian Malinois

Max is an 8 year old male Belgian Malinois.

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Max has been overlooked in the shelter for a long time, but unfortunately, he wasn’t socialised enough to be ready for adoption for a while. He was found on the streets with his brother.

They had an owner but they were left to roam and were not getting the care they needed, so they were surrendered to the shelter. Max is around eight years old and we don’t want him to see out his days behind bars. He deserves a loving home where he can flourish in his later years.

Max is a mature Malinois and he has slowed down in his older age. It’s been a long road to build up his confidence around people but now he is much more friendly.

In some cases, you can see Max is only tolerating human presence and he likes to spend time relaxing in his bed on his own, but he’s come to associate humans with treats, gentle pets and walks, which he absolutely loves.

The shelter is quite an overwhelming environment for Max and naturally, he’s still got a way to go in terms of progress. Unfortunately, this progress won’t be made in a shelter setting, and it will only really be in a safe, secure home where Max will really come out of his shell properly.

It takes him a little time to build a connection with new people but once he has he is very sweet natured with them and likes to hang out with them.

Max is definitely going to need a home with a patient and understanding adopter who’s in no rush and can allow him to adjust at his own pace. He is looking for a calm home atmosphere with a relaxed pace of life and a quiet household.

He would be happiest outside of the city in a more semi-rural area with lots of lovely surrounding walks to explore, and he’d love to have a little garden to potter about and sunbathe in.

Max walks beautifully on the lead and enjoys being outside, but doesn’t demand a hugely active lifestyle. He loves a good sniff about in the grass, but otherwise trots beautifully alongside you. You can see his body language change when he knows he’s going outside and he’s so happy to be away from the shelter. He’s much more relaxed.

Max isn’t hugely interested in other dogs and would prefer a home on his own. He could be happy with a resident female dog, but wouldn’t enjoy living alongside a more dominant male character.

He doesn’t need other dogs to be happy to he’d be fine chilling on his own. If another dog comes near him on a walk he doesn’t really interact with them, and he’s not shown any reactivity either.

Regarding cats, Max hasn’t been properly tested with them, and regarding children, we think Max would prefer an adult only home, or a family with kids aged 12+. He just wants a peaceful life really, he doesn’t ask for much.

Being an older dog with a reserved nature, Max doesn’t have the best chance of being number one at the top of everyone’s list, but there must surely be a laidback home looking for an older dog to welcome into their heart?

He’s not the cutest, cuddliest, or youngest of dogs, but he deserves a chance, and he’s far more likely to grow and flourish in a home setting than a shelter.

Max is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. He is ready to travel once he finds his forever home.

  • How big? Medium
  • How old? Oldie (around eight years)
  • Male or female? Male
  • Living with kids? I can live with older children (12+)
  • Living with dogs? I can live with other dogs
  • Resident dog required? No, I’d be happy on my own
  • Living with cats? I’ve not been tested with cats
  • Where can I live? I’d like a calm, relaxed household outside of the city with a garden
  • Where am I from? Cyprus
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