Maxamillion – 4 year old male English Mastiff cross Neopolitan Mastiff

Maxamillion is a 4 year old male English Mastiff cross Neopolitan Mastiff. Doesn’t like men with hats on. One tried to stroke him and he got very anxious. Appears to be okay with bikes, people walking past, other dogs walking past. when they are walking past. If they ignore him, he ignores them and just walks past. Appears unsure when another dog tries to play, he wants to play but some of the dogs we have met are not good at dog speak and do the “touch & run” instead of the play bow. He understands the play bow but is unsure of their intention when they do touch and run. He is very responsive to all types of training. He responds very well to clicking fingers, so I tend to use this to make sure he waits, listens, etc.

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Max appears unsocialised he is a bit rough and this can intimidate other dogs (and owners!). He is having issues with walking. Sometimes he just stops and refuses to walk, so I usually stand until he is willing to walk again, with no response. If I have the other dog with us, making a fuss of her usually gets him to start walking again (as he wants to be told he is a fab dog too!). He doesn’t really like loud noises (like vans, motorbikes) but just looks at them. He doesn’t try to run or anything, just watches them until they are gone. He doesn’t respond to sirens. He does do recall very well He walks very very well on the lead, and also walks well off lead. However, he is easily distracted, so be aware of any people / animals in the vicinity. He is a fast learner and learned the rules of the house (e.g. sit before food is down, wait until you are told to eat before eating, wait for us to walk through a door). He is very protective of his family, and will constantly check to ensure we are all together. He does need a strong leader to remind him that he is a member of the family, instead of leading it. Or he will try and take you where he wants to go!

Max is in foster with another female dog and a young child that’s is dog savvy, Max would be better with older children or over 12 year old.

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