Merlin has flown from Cyprus to find her forever home and is currently in foster in Leigh, Lancashire.

She is a 15 months old female Cross-Breed and is spayed, vaccinated and micro chipped.

This is what her foster mum says:

Merlin is an absolutely gorgeous, smart, loving, cheeky, funny, adorable, bouncy and calm in equal measure girl once she trusts you. We are in training to walk on loose lead which is still a work in progress.

Luckily she loves her treats and toys Around her food she is brilliant, will sit and wait patiently while her food is put down, making eye contact until she is given a “take it, good girl” queue.

She is currently living with my older 12 year old boy, she is respectful, and they will play and lay down as he isn’t interested otherwise. In Cyprus she played with lots of other dogs.

Merlin is very suspicious of new people and when out walking gets over focused on people and dogs passing so she will. need more work and patience from her new home.

I would recommend no children as she is bouncy, but if you are active she will thrive and grow into the best girl ever. Not tested with cats but she chases pidgeons so we think no!

Merlin is completely clean in the house and sleeps in a closed crate at night, all night until around 07:30 In the day she is fine when left with the other dog and sleeps on the rug.

When left with my boy there isn’t any separation anxiety, nor is there at night when she is left completely alone, yet daytime on her own she will cry for maybe 3 to 5 mins.

I feel the best home for Magic Merlin would be child free, with a couple of people in the home, where she isn’t left for more than 3 or 4 hours (3.5 hours is the longest I have left her).

She has no health issues whatsoever and is a fit healthy girl. Merlin is a work in progress, but has come on so much from first arriving 6 weeks ago.

Now she happily sits for her collar, her slip lead and harness. Once she trusts you she loves you and just wants to learn and please. Merlin also now happily jumps in and out of the car with no fear. She has learned to sit and stay safely before jumping out.

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Saving Souls Animal Rescue
Saving Souls Animal Rescue

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Saving Souls Animal Rescue is a UK based rescue team, that supports small independent rescue shelters in Cyprus who save dogs from devastating situations, and helps them rehome their dogs to loving homes in the UK.

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