Mia is a young, 12-month-old, blue female bull-lurcher cross in need of a new home, currently under the care of LURCHER LINK RESCUE in West Yorkshire. Found as an unclaimed stray, Mia was fortunate to find refuge with the rescue when her time at the pound was up.

The overwhelming number of unwanted dogs in council stray dog pounds puts many at risk of euthanasia after a short 7-day period.

Mia, now estimated to be 12 months old, was initially underweight upon arrival but is gradually regaining her condition, standing at about 24-25 inches to the shoulder and weighing 26kg.

Mia is a sociable dog who adores human companionship, proving to be a favorite among volunteer dog-walkers. However, being in the “teenage hooligan” stage, Mia is exuberant and lacks personal space awareness, displaying enthusiastic but unrefined behavior.

Her exuberance makes her less suitable for a home with very young children or frail elderly individuals due to the risk of unintentional knocking over. While Mia is currently undergoing training to address her exuberant nature, she remains a work in progress for potential adopters.

Due to her unknown history of living in a home, Mia may require toilet training. She is people-oriented, indicating a need for human company for a significant part of the day, as prolonged periods of solitude might not suit her.

Mia has displayed an amiable attitude towards other dogs, but her compatibility with cats remains untested.

Please note that a home check and adoption fee will apply.

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