Mia is a 3 year old female Carpathian Sheepdog Cross. We were contacted by Mia’s family for help rehoming her due to changes in living circumstances alongside the general understanding that Mia would be better suited to a different type of home.

Mia shows lots of typical Romanian street dog traits, and is therefore looking for an understanding, patient adopter to help her settle and be the best version of herself.

Mia was rescued from under a bench in Romania at around three months old. It took over two hours to encourage her to come out from under the bench, showing that her distrust of humans started from a very early age.

Mia was then adopted in January 2020, when she was around five months old, and has lived in a family home in Norfolk ever since.

We feel that Mia would thrive in a home with a family or individual who has experience and an understanding of Romanian dogs, and how they can be different to dogs from other countries or the UK.

Mia is a great little girl and so loving with those she trusts, but she takes time to reach that point.

Mia is a joyful and energetic little dog who loves running about in the garden and playing. She loves to play with her ball and has mastered fetch, bringing it back and dropping it in her adopter’s hand every time! Her favourites are the tennis balls that squeak.

Mia is very smart and once she’s formed a trust with the people in the household she’s keen to please. She likes to learn new things and would benefit from some training, as well as playtime, to help form trust with her new family.

Mia currently lives with another resident dog and her nervous disposition has had an impact on the other dog. It has to be the right type of dog for the dynamic to work.

Mia cannot live with another under-confident dog, but also needs her family to work on her confidence independently otherwise she will rely on the resident dog completely.

However, the company of another dog will help her to adapt to a new routine, lifestyle and environment with unfamiliar people. It will be a case-by-case assessment to work out if Mia is suitable to live alongside any interested parties’ resident dog.

Mia generally loves other dogs and after being introduced she will try to instigate play. She’s never shown aggression towards other dogs and reads body language well.

Mia is looking for an adult-only home as she has no experience with children apart from older teenagers(16+). She would not be suitable for a home with young kids, and she is also looking for a home without cats.

Mia’s ideal home would be based well outside of the city, as she dislikes traffic.

Mia needs a more rural place to call home and needs access to her secure garden.

An active home would also be the best for her as she has lots of energy and can walk for miles given the opportunity, and she enjoys being outside (as long as she’s not near roads). Mia is currently based in Norfolk and has a clean bill of health.

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