Mika is a 4 year old female German Shepherd Cross. She is unfortunately another gentle soul who has been overlooked for a year now in the shelter. She arrived in April 2021 with eight puppies who were just a few days old. She was a wonderful mother to her babies and for five months the pups grew up together in the shelter alongside their siblings and mum until they were finally all adopted. That is, all except Mika.

All too often we see the mother left behind as families adopt their puppies, and She has patiently waited for someone to notice her. Mika is a fantastic companion dog and has a very loyal and loving disposition. She adores people and is very devoted to the volunteers at the shelter of whom she’s built strong bonds with. She makes friends easily and loves being fussed over by the visitors.

Mika listens intently to people and has an obedient nature. She would enjoy some basic training in her new home and is eager to please. Mika loves her walks, is great on the lead, and would enjoy a fairly active lifestyle in a semi-rural area. After all this time spent in a kennel, she’s desperate for a garden of her own. She has been happy sharing her kennel with another shelter resident for the past few months, a male dog of a similar size to her, and we think she could happily live alongside another canine companion.

She socialises really well with the other dogs in the yard and on walks, but we have noticed that she can be a bit choosy with other female dogs. We have not tested Mika with cats, but she’s great with children and we recommend homes with kids aged 8+. We also think that Mika might be being overlooked due to the fact that she is a larger breed and has low level Leishmania. Leish is a long term health condition caused by the bite of an infected sandfly.

It is not transferrable to other dogs in the UK as our weather is too cold for the sandfly in question. With a supportive vet, inexpensive medication and routine bloodwork, Leishmania can be managed well and dogs go on to live a happy to healthy life. We can provide more information upon request about Leish and Mika’s specific case.

Given the opportunity, Mika is going to bring so much joy to a household who have a big dog shaped hole in their lives right now. She has so much to offer, and would make a very loyal addition to a family. Mika is currently in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health and a stable Leishmania diagnosis. She is ready to travel once she finds her forever home.

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