Mikey is a 1-2 year old male Springer cross Pointer. He arrived with his brother. Both were extremely underweight and petrified. It has taken a long time for them to settle.

Mikey is hyper however once settled he is an absolute gem. He loves cuddles and attention. When left he will settle but sometimes will bark for a while.

Mikey doesn’t understand treats and will usually carry them around like a prize. He doesn’t guard toys or treats. He loves food and will gulp it down in seconds.

He had been starved before arriving with Spaniel’s aid. He will fight with another dog over food but not humans. Mikey has been to the vet four times and has behaved extremely well.

Mikey travels well in a crate but doesn’t like getting in. Mikey is still learning to walk on a lead.

It takes time for him to settle before he walks nicely. This is something an owner would need to work on as well as new sounds and locations.

Mikey is currently walking on private property due to him being very nervous. He loves games and will bring toys back to you.

Mikey is not destructive and has a quilt to sleep on which he does not chew. He is not house-trained, however, usually waits to exercise time due to his bounciness.

There has been an odd accident but mainly due to a change of diet.

Mikey appears to have a sensitive stomach. He is currently on a plain diet to encourage firm motions.

Mikey would not live well with young children due to his business and odd mouthing moment. Teenage Plus would be ideal.

Mikey has a lot to learn, he has suffered greatly in his early months of life and now deserves a chance of happiness.

If you have the time and patience to bring this boy’s potential out then you will have the best dog. He is a hidden gem!

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