Millie – 18 month old female Cross-Breed

Millie has now moved back to us in Kent she finished her house training in foster and we are now working on her lead training in Kent Best suited we think to dog only home but maybe with correct introductions could live with another dog, she does require large breed experience home she can try and take control can be scared of men to start but soon comes around when she knows she will not be hurt.

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UPDATE 06/08/17 We decided that Millie needed some time in a foster home to learn more about her this is what the foster home has to say after her being there for 8 weeks. Almost as soon as Millie arrived it became obvious from her behaviour and from what Trevor and Larraine told me that she had had absolutely no form normal of discipline or training what so ever, but was both hand and voice shy. Initially she was totally without toilet training leaving piles and puddles as an when she felt like it, so we treated her as a puppy, and started at square one. Now some 8 weeks later she is clean in the house. She is a reluctant crate user, but now goes to bed when asked. She is a “sucker” which usually is a sign of poor weaning, though I’ve researched this and it appears there is no long term harm.

We have managed to migrate some of this to small soft toys, but she still on occasions uses her blanket. On lead, well she’s better than she was, but my condition prohibits me from putting in long sessions of lead work. I work with a semi choke collar (old habits die hard) and she’s is manageable, I’d certainly think with a dogmatic she would be fairly easy to control. She absolutely loves visitors, watching her greet people is quite amusing. She could audition for River dance. When told off she goes all puppy and bounces around , though if you make stern eye contact she gets the message, This girl needs firm loving household, with no small children they risked getting knocked over.

Well she was a bit odd in her looks in the sense that one day you would see one breed, the next another and so on. So we have done her DNA and she is 3/8ths DDB 1/8th Rott 1/8th English mastiif 2/8th Bullmastiff and 1/8 mixed breed group. She has obviously had to compete for her food at some point, she tries to hide her meals on occasion, buries treats in her blankets. Her night time Bonio is still there in the morning, wrapped in her blanket. She’s more like a 6 month old pup than an 18 month old dog.

If you could give Millie the home she deserves and are willing to keep working with her then please email for an application form If you have already completed an application then email us and let us register your interest.

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