Milly – 3 year old female Jura Hound Cross

Milly is a 3 year old female Jura Hound Cross. Milly is a rescue from Cyprus, currently living in Leek, Staffordshire, whilst she waits to find her perfect forever home. Her passport has her date of birth as 10/9/14. This was the estimate provided by the Cyprus vet and her current family feel she is very much younger, possibly even only 18 months old. Here is a little bit about her by her current mum. “Milly has the sweetest, most gentle, quiet nature that you could ask for in a dog. She genuinely hasn’t got a bad bone in her body. When we are in the house we hardly notice her there. She is quite content to lie next to you chewing on a bone or having a snooze (preferably next to a radiator, she loves to be nice and warm so anything that lets out heat is bonus for Milly!).

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If you let her on the sofa she would stay there for hours. She just loves her walks. She can be a little nervous of walking along busy roads with lots of traffic. We take her to car boot sales and she is getting more confident in busy places. She likes to just sniff everything! Her recall when out on field walks is brilliant except when she spots another dog and then she just has to go over to say hello. She doesn’t run off, she just gets excited and desperately wants other dogs to play with her.
Milly loves water and likes put her whole head into our local stream to pick up sticks from the bottom of the water.

Just like her nature, she is a very gentle eater and doesn’t mind us being around her when eating,  although she could easily get on our kitchen worktops she doesn’t steal food. Milly adores the company of other dogs and this is when she is at her happiest! She is fine around cats that can stick up for themselves, she doesn’t chase them but can be playful! She travels really well in the car. She adores children and is very gentle. We have a 5 year old and an 8 year old and Milly loves them both. She can be quite nervous around certain men but once trust has been built up (mainly with treats) she is fine. She is 100% housetrained and sleeps happily alone downstairs at night.

Milly is perfect in EVERYWAY….. BUT she hates being left in the house alone! I can be upstairs for hours and it wouldn’t bother her in the slightest but when we go out the front door she gets really upset. She is our only dog and we cannot have another. I feel that if Milly has another dog as company she would feel much more secure and less ‘abandoned’. We have found that nothing short of a 3 hour walk before going out can make her less agitated, and even then she hates being alone. She CANNOT stand to be shut in a crate or small spaces if I go out and is better having an area to roam. She spent quite a few months in the cage in Cyprus and doesn’t want to ever go in one again!

Milly needs company so would be best suited to someone that already has a calm, well settled dog that she can learn from and play with. She can run like a greyhound, she is super fast and loves it when other dogs try and catch up with her. She currently goes to doggy day care on the days that I work all day and absolutely loves it. She now knows sit, stay, paw, sleeps alone, fully house trained and has adapted to our house and routine….. she is HIGHLY intelligent and picks things up super quick!

Milly is truly, truly wonderful and we are extremely sad to be re homing her but due to us not being able to have another dog we want her to have the chance to share her home and life with a doggy sibling. If you work from home or have other dogs as company she would be soooo happy!!”

If you are interested in the lovable, adorable Milly please contact us. We have no doubt that she will make her forever family very happy. She has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. The minimum adoption donation for Milly is £275. ADOPTION IS SUBJECT TO HOME CHECK.

Full post adoption support is offered by our charity.

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