Milly Moo – 3 year old female Dalmatian

Milly Moo is a 3 year old female Dalmatian. She being fostered in Gloucestershire in family home with grown up children, 3 dogs and two cats. She came into our care a few weeks ago – her previous life was a breeding bitch in kennels unfortunately.

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She had probably not long had puppies, was very confused and jumpy when she first arrived, it was very obvious she had not been shown much love and been roughly handled. She knew nothing about family life and all the good things most dogs take for granted.

From the dog that arrived to the dog that is here in such a short space of time is amazing how she has blossomed with good food, love, patience and exercise.

She has learnt to travel in the van and jumps willingly into the crate in the back of van, she loves her walks and runs with her foster brother she is a very busy dog off the lead enjoying the countryside but is also very good at coming back and keep an eye on you, we do not meet many people where we walk so she can be a bit unsure of new people out and about and will do a wide berth but this improves every day.

In the house she is good as gold, she sleeps at night with Bella our other foster dog we never here a peep and she has been so easy to house train. She has learnt all about sofa’s, beds, doing the pre wash in the dishwasher lol, hoovers, washing machines she takes it all in her stride.

She is a very friendly loving girl once she knows you can be a bit shy to begin with especially with men – even now if I move too fast or she is unsure she can panic and get scared probably thinks she is going to get hit. She is still unsure around my husband & son at times but fine around myself & my daughter but we do most of the walking, feeding etc.

She gets on very well with the other dogs, never heard a growl off her, she does not really know how to play with the other dogs she has tried a few times and gets scared but I think in time this will come, she has also recently learnt about toys and how to play.

She has settled down living with the cats and as long as the cat is dog savvy, she would be perfectly safe to live with a cat.

We often have visitors here and she can get a bit barky only because she is nervous but she is easily blackmailed with food she loves food and soon settles down.

SUMMARY: Milly is a very lovely dog without a bad bone in her body she has progressed so fast at adapting to living in a home and is very easy to live with. She needs a quiet home, an adult home would be best, another dog to help to continue to guide her and not one that will be in her face to play etc but will be gentle enough to give her enough space for her to work it out eventually that its safe and fun.

Someone who is active and able to give her the exercise she not only needs but loves – a country home – a secure garden where she can safely sunbathe, she loves the sun.

Loves the sun

Loves her walks and the countryside

Somebody who has had rescue dogs before who have not had a great start and suffered harsh treatment in their previous life is needed as expectations are sometimes too high with these dogs, she needs a gentle owner who will allow her to continue to flourish and grown in confidence as she has been in our care.

Milly has been spayed now and her stitches removed, started her vaccinations, had a dental, flea/wormed & chipped.

If you feel you could be the right match for Milly after reading ALL OF THIS, please email us for our questionnaire so we can find out more about you and the home you can offer this lovely dog.

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