Milo – 3 year old male Working Cocker Spaniel

Milo is a 3 year old male Working Cocker Spaniel. He is a smashing affectionate little dog here is a little bit from him: “Hello I’m Milo I’m known as the “Handsome One” or “Little Bear”. I have been with my fosterers for nearly a month now. I am in training at the moment with a frisbee as I have progressed from the basics I can do a sit, stay, and sometimes a down and I have excellent recall off my lead if there are no dogs in sight, although I’m totally deaf to “get off the sofa” that is a major work in progress, I will need help/ future training with that.

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I currently go out twice a day we go early in the morning so I can run off lead, I get on ok with other dogs outside but go a bit deaf if called back if I see another dog so I usually go back on my lead if there are other dogs in the field. We go out again before it gets dark for another walk or big play in the garden as the fosterers found out I am very stressed when we go for walk when it’s dark, so I think I’m afraid of the dark as I’m much better walking earlier and having a light on at night.

I love running and having zoomies in the garden I have been very good I haven’t ruined the plants or dug any holes yet! I usually go to bed at about 10pm in the utility room (although I don’t always want to go I pretend not to understand and remain upstairs until the biscuits arrive) I sleep very quietly until the fosterers get up about 0730-0800 and of course, I am fully house trained.

I like to think I am a quiet dog I rarely bark; I don’t mind noise I’m not bothered by the hoover, doorbell, traffic, thunder, and lightning although sometimes things make me jump like a bird taking flight or a door slamming. I am quite independent I am not one of those Velcro dogs you hear about, I am happy to stay at home on my own for 3-4 hours and not be stressed by this.

My fosterers say I am like a big puppy especially in the evenings I just want to play, I do this by mouthing a lot too much apparently! The fosterers don’t like me mouthing their hands and arms so now I have a fab collection of chew and tug toys some of these toys admittedly I’ve destroyed but to my credit, I don’t damage or eat furniture and my behavior in the evening has improved during these last few weeks. Talking of my toys my previous owner said I used to guard my toys I don’t think I do this anymore.

Having been here nearly 4 weeks I now feel more relaxed I didn’t realize how stressed I was before, my last home was very busy I was always on the go then something very bad happened to me that made me very scared, I think I might have always been a bit anxious but after this, it all became too much so I came into foster in the hope of a new life.

I am now looking for some special people to give me a second chance to be their special dog. When I came to the fosterers initially, I was too scared to go into the house and I become frightened to go anywhere near the car, it has taken me a few weeks to settle down. I have been persuaded to get back in the car but I think driving any great distances will always cause me a problem I am hoping my new owners will not live a long way away.

When people come to the house to visit, I prefer to meet them once they are sitting down, I can then run in and show them my best self all affectionate and cuddly but I am not what you call a fur baby even if I look like one. When we go out strangers generally rush at me probably being so handsome I suppose! They tower over me always seeming to want to rub my ears and cuddle me at the same time staring down at me, I don’t like this so I sometimes growl at them and I did snap at someone who didn’t get them though! I prefer to keep people I don’t know outside the house at arm’s length. I’ve seen cats whilst out walking looks like they would be good to chase, don’t think I’d better live with one. I like to look my best I don’t mind being brushed or bathed but am not keen on being dried with a towel for long.

I’ve been to the vet for my check-up as I have said before I don’t really like meeting strangers, I let her look at my teeth and ears but then she thought she would give me a vaccination and it was too much and I growled at her so now I have to bring a special muzzle with me when I come to the vets, I am slowly getting used to this but will need to continue practicing as I don’t really like it. The vet said apart from my ears which I need a cleaner for and that I was anxious I already knew that! I was all good.

Thank you, Milo.” Milo or Mr. Milo as we call him is a terrific little dog, he is nearly unrecognizable from the dog we collected nearly a month ago. Milo came to Spaniel Aid following an incident in which he had been attacked by a group of youths whilst out walking with his owner. Following this Milo became fearful and anxious resulting in a complete change of behavior and there were two bite incidents involving men in the family so it was thought due to the attack Milo had become fearful of Men we have not found this to be the case in foster.

At the beginning of the foster, Milo gave a warning growl on a couple of occasions and snapped at my partner once each time this appears he has been taken by surprise by a movement we now try to tell him what we are doing before we do it i.e. calling out lead before we go to put his lead on this appears to be working well. Milo appeared terrified in the car on the journey home and took some convincing to enter the house, It took at least a week for him to stop pacing and panting and another 2 weeks for the real Milo to start emerging this boy will need at least 3 weeks to settle in a new home so please consider this if applying for him.

Milo has gone from strength to strength initially he seemed stressed by everything his previous owner said he was always on the alert waiting for something to happen now he is quite chilled apart from the evening when he exhibits some panting, we have used some anti-stress products which appear to have helped. We were told he slept in a crate and had spent quite a lot of time in the crate prior coming us and had a crate in the car he appeared extremely fearful of the crate it has helped by removing it he much prefers to sleep on the floor and not be confined.

Milo is looking for an experienced dog owner someone who will appreciate that he will need space and time to settle and be able to help him overcome his stress when encountering strangers i.e. vets/groomers, Milo responds well to training and this will need to be continued. In return, Milo will make a wonderful loyal little dog eager to please, loves to play and sniff whilst out walking, and is your friend.

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