Milo – 4-5 year old male English Cocker Spaniel

Milo is a 4-5 year old male English Cocker Spaniel. He is a small cocker that weighs 12kg, he is very happy, cheeky, sensitive and so loving.

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Milo mixes well with other dogs and enjoys gentle play. He has toys that he likes to pick up and loves sticks, we are careful to watch Milo with items as he tends to swallow things which has resulted in him having a few operations to remove them.

Milo has a muzzle, which allows him to sniff and play off lead outside the home, he is comfortable wearing it. He is a medium energy level dog that needs simulation and then is so happy to curl up on the sofa next to you. Loves meeting people.

Milo does bark when frustrated for attention sometimes, and when he is tired, if he becomes worried he will also bark, we offer something tasty to help or a puzzle feeder, play games like find the treats, and offer a stuffed kong.

Milo craves a routine and this has helped him settle in the foster home. Milo was surrendered to Spaniel Aid due to guarding and one bite incident with no puncture. In his foster home, we have seen him pick up sticks and want to chew on them, to remove them we have offered chicken and scattered this away from the item, and then once he has dropped it we can move it.

Milo can be stubborn and not want to come out of the bushes or a room, again chicken is your friend, he will do anything for chicken. Milo does have good recall while out on walks, knows to sit and lie down, and will also spin for a treat.

The leave/drop command needs work and consistency, Milo loves his food so I’m sure this will be something he will become very good at. Milo barks at cats and will chase them, he will also chase chickens/ducks if they run.

Milo has been around Horses, sheep and goats and can become worried but is starting to be more comfortable, with no signs of chasing. In the first week, Milo presented Separation related behaviour – High Pitch Barking – when the caregiver was not present. Frustration when he is unable to follow me, behind a child gate/door, so I made sure he had access to me at all times, he would bark until he found me.

The second week was when I started to leave him with the other dogs while I went into another room. In the third week, he was able to sleep with the other dogs overnight and I’m able to leave him without him barking and he is much more settled.

Milo did come with me in the car in the first few weeks and was very settled in the back seat. May bark when seeing/hearing scary things, we put the radio on and close curtains if needed. Milo is not destructive and is house-trained. Milo is a no to children because of the guarding and the bite of his last owner.

In the vets Milo is the perfect patient, he is very relaxed and happy to be checked over. Milo gets worried with hair clippers, I have been using a grooming mitten to gain his confidence, happy to be dried with a towel.

Milo wants his new home to understand how to work with guarding, he doesn’t guard food, high-value treats, toys etc unless you have the intention to remove it, this will need to be worked on with food. Milo is happy to share toys, eat food and have treats around other dogs.

Milo likes to dig holes in the garden, to ask him to stop I use a chicken to draw him away from the hole and ask him to follow me. If Milo feels you are going to physically move him, ie. with the collar he will growl.

Milo wants a rural/semi-rural home with or without other dogs that match his gentle nature, would like to holiday with you and go to the pub, café, and restaurant, he is a dream to have around and great company.

Milo wants a home that encourages him not to steal, or pick things up, e.g. socks on the floor, tea towels on an oven door. Milo is on a special diet due to cysteine stones, fed nutriment low purine 160g twice a day with 3ml potassium citrate.

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