Minstrel – 1-2 year old male Dalmatian

Minstrel is a 1-2 year old male Dalmatian. He was an unsold pup, this poor little lad was picked up straying with 2 female Dalmatians and none were reclaimed, or microchipped, so likely never seen a vet.

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This poor little lad has had next to no input and has spent the majority of his life living in a kennel, as a result, he has the mind of a tiny puppy that just needs input and training, he is a blank canvas that you can mould into the dog you want him to be.

Minstrel has had little training or socialisation he needs so is a blank canvas for his adopters to make into the perfect little lad we know is in there, just disguised by total over-excitement!

When Minstrel arrived, he was very underweight and timid, not sure how to be around people or dogs, and covered in urine stains and old wounds as well as having bad skin.

Minstrel has bald lines down his body which have removed the hair follicles and this doesn’t look like it will grow back, the warden seems to think he may have been caught in barbed wire or similar at some point.

Whatever his past, we know it wasn’t a nice one and so he needs a committed adopter who is happy to take on a project dog, he is worth it, and he is a lovely boy.

Minstrel is now looking and feeling much better and is ready to move onto the next stage of his life with a new family, however, he is a work in progress, he still needs to be built up but he is so active in the pack this is proving difficult.

Minstrel is literally like a child in a sweet shop here, he doesn’t stand still unless separated from the other dogs. Minstrel is full of character and mischief!! Such a shame for such a gorgeous happy little lad to find himself homeless!

Minstrel is a lively happy little lad who would love a family to play with him and keep him occupied, he loves a walk and loves to greet every dog he meets, and everyone that meets him very quickly falls in love!!

Minstrel will need a home with lots of human time and interaction, he needs to live with another dog as he loves playing and causing trouble with other dogs!

Minstrel can live with children aged 8 years or who are used to young boisterous dogs, he is full of bounce and energy and will jump up when he is over-excited.

Minstrel loves to run and loves to play with toys and a ball, he also absolutely loves to get messy!

Minstrel is eager to learn and please, he just literally has had no input at all so is sometimes unsure and excited, he will make a fantastic dog for someone prepared to put in the time and training.

Minstrel is non-destructive unless it’s a soft toy, he loves to eat these, cushions are also for shredding!!

Minstrel is mostly house-trained but we do fully expect him to go backwards with this in a new home as he will be very unsure in new surroundings. He is happy to be left for short periods, he is crate-trained.

Minstrel will need someone who is used to this breed or similar, he is a very high-energy dog that is always on the go, and if you don’t keep him busy he will become destructive, he needs both physical and mental stimulation.

Minstrel is a gorgeous happy, bouncy active little lad who so desperately needs a forever home and family to grow up with.

Minstrel is the sweetest little cuddle bug ever – he can’t get close enough to you once he knows you! Minstrel also smiles the famous Dalmatian smile! Minstrel is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped fled and wormed.

All Animals Rescue and Rehome Essex
All Animals Rescue and Rehome Essex

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