Miss Holly – 4 year old female Greyhound

Four year old Miss Holly Greyhound arrived in December, a genuinely shut down little girl, not just a spooky dog, she would put herself away and not look at people to start. She has been in foster since then and has started to show a cheeky character at times, her fosterers have done a super job of getting her used to home life with the help of their Greyhound who has showed Holly life and people aren’t that bad after all. Her fosterers have written the following.

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Holly has settled into our home so well, and the change in her from when she first arrived is incredible. The first 24 hours she hid from us, and wouldn’t stay in the same room as us. But now she has grown in confidence so much, she is such a brave girl. She is so happy and full of beans with people she knows, and her tail is always wagging. She is very playful and loves to play with humans, and is good with children. She is still very timid when she meets new people, but she is getting braver, and will stand by people to let them give her a gentle fuss. She does a gentle tail wag for them even if she is unsure. She absolutely loves getting a fuss, and she snuggles up to us on the sofa and roaches, and will gently prod us with a paw if we stop with the fusses. She gets on fine with our Greyhound; at first she wanted to be where ever she was.

Even if that meant trying to get into the same bed! But now she’ll do her own thing and has her own favourite places to sleep. She follows us around more, always interested in what we are up to… and if any treats are being handed out. She takes treats very gently and loves her kong that keeps her nice and entertained for a while! She loves her food, and eats anything we give her. She loves her walks, rain or shine, and gets so excited when we start getting ready. On walks, she walks with purpose and likes to be at the front and can pull a little bit when the walk first starts, but she’s still easy to walk. She has the most wonderful floppy ears that move in all directions when she walks, it’s so lovely to watch.

Holly loves squirrels and rabbits and gets a bit giddy, but we can get her moving again easily. She was a few metres from a peacock the other day, looked at it, then carried on walking! She couldn’t live with small furries , as she is very interested in the room where our hamster lives! She is fine with other dogs, in the house and outside the house. She doesn’t show any interest in them, she hasn’t even been that bothered when she has met other greyhounds! But she’ll politely stand if we stop for a chat. She gets walked with small dogs with our dog walker and is absolutely fine with them, and was good with a miniature schnauzer overnight in our house. She is left for a few hours at a time when we are at work. She is not destructive at all and doesn’t bark. She might collect the odd slipper but it’s just for a brief moment. She is house trained now, but we have had the odd accident, usually down to human error. She is getting better at telling us when she needs the toilet. She makes us laugh everyday with her silliness and happiness. She really is the most sweet, cuddliest, brave and beautiful girl.

Holly is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and flead and wormed. She can be homed both locally and nationally dependent on a successful homecheck.

Northern Greyhound Rescue
Northern Greyhound Rescue

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