Missy is a dignified 6-year-old female Japanese Akita Inu residing in Greater London. She exudes grace and charm, seeking a new family to welcome her into their hearts and home.

With her age of 6 years, Missy embodies maturity and wisdom, making her an ideal companion for a discerning owner.

This elegant lady is impeccably house-trained, proficient in basic commands, and exhibits non-destructive behavior. Moreover, she is adept at being left alone for a few hours, although prospective owners should anticipate investing time and effort to ensure a smooth transition into her new environment.

Missy, while initially cautious around unfamiliar faces, blossoms into a loving and affectionate companion once she establishes trust and familiarity. She appreciates patience and understanding from her human counterparts, gradually opening up to receive the affection and attention she deserves.

In terms of compatibility with other pets, Missy’s preference leans towards being the sole recipient of her family’s affection. While she can coexist with other dogs during walks, she thrives best as the only pet in the household, relishing undivided attention and companionship.

As a quintessential Akita, Missy embodies independence, loyalty to her family, and a reserved demeanor toward strangers. Her past experiences indicate that she hasn’t lived with young children, hence, a child-free home or one with older, dog-savvy children would be most suitable for her.

Missy thrives in an environment that offers a moderate level of activity and ensures she isn’t left alone for extended periods. A household willing to provide her with the space and patience to settle in would be ideal for her continued well-being and happiness.

If Missy’s grace and charm have captured your heart, we eagerly await your inquiry. Could you be the one to offer this delightful companion the loving forever home she deserves?

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Friends of Akitas Trust UK
Friends of Akitas Trust UK

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