Misty is a 3-year-old female Akita, currently residing in Tyne and Wear, UK.

Misty was an unclaimed young stray saved from the pound over Xmas 2023 with her sidekick Star who is very similar in personality.

Misty was lucky to find a foster home and is settling in nicely, it is however clear to see that Misty has had a troubled past due to the way she behaves, it appears that Misty has just been left to ‘get on with it’ in her short life so far and hasn’t known much in the terms of love and affection.

Misty was given a new name for her new start she is learning her name and her basic commands are a work in progress. Her housetraining is almost there from when she first arrived and she is a quick learner. Misty is a sweet and active girl but she can be clumsy.

Sadly Misty is head-shy, skittish, and worried by basic household noises. She can jump and flinch at small movements. She is starting to be more curious but is still apprehensive. She is learning that strokes and fuss are a good thing but she can sometimes get a little bit giddy and is partial to the Akita zoomies.

Misty is learning to walk on a lead with a headcollar and is starting to learn how to control herself more and not just race around at full speed. She loves chasing the birds outside in the garden but also on a lead so this is a work in progress. Due to her prey drive she cannot live with cats or small furries in her new home. She is currently relatively untested with other dogs apart from Star.

She loves her food, treats and toys. She enjoys playing with a ball in the garden and also soft toys but they don’t last long as she likes to destroy them.

Misty can be aloof and indifferent towards people but this is starting to change towards her foster Mum as she trusts her more and learns commands. Misty can be wary of men especially on walks and takes a wide berth when she can, and her tail goes down. There is no aggression shown it is just more nervous and fear. We are sure in time and in the correct home this is something that she will overcome, she just needs a family who will take things slowly.

Misty is a wriggle bum when it is grooming time and isn’t too sure what the brush is but she does enjoy it. She travels well in the van and will happily get in or out unaided.

Misty is a lovely young Akita who just needs direction, guidance, kindness, love and security and she will blossom in a new home. If you feel that could be with you we would love to hear from you.

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Friends of Akitas Trust UK

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