Molly is a 2 year old female Greyhound cross Collie who has been with us for over a year now. When she first came to rescue she was suffering from a broken pelvis this has now completely healed and she has been passed completely fit to be re-homed, the vet informs us that Molly will suffer not long term problems with this injury and can live a completely full and (very) active life thank goodness as trying to keep her calm and quite would be a impossible she is a very bouncy girl!

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She loves everybody and everything and has a natural exuberance that makes people smile! She runs everywhere at top speed and has boundless energy. She loves playing with her foster brothers and sisters and would run all day if she could Molly would need to have other dogs in the home for her to play with as she just loves to have doggy playtime and so would benefit from a young doggy friend that will (try to) keep up with her.

Her recall is excellent and she will do almost anything for treats. She loves water and seems to attract mud like a magnet – she usually returns home after a walk a completely different colour! Her favourite walk is on the beach where she loves to chase the seagulls across the sand! So why is Molly still looking for a home?


Well, Molly is hard work! She finds being left alone and any change to her regular routine very hard to cope with. Her behaviour becomes very destructive, she barks and cries and will soil inside her bed. Although she has been trained to go into a crate, the barking and soiling continue inside the crate.

She has destroyed chairs, pulled wallpaper from walls and chewed tiles from a fireplace surround amongst other things. Turn your back on her for a few seconds, and she will have something else in her mouth! After a long day of play and mischief she is happy to sleep the night away in a dog bed in the bedroom – first dog to settle gets the softest bed!

She sleeps through the night and is always the last to get up in the morning! We don’t think that Molly would be cat friendly due to the fact that she would chase anything that ran for a game so no cats please. Molly is happy to go out in the car as long as her doggy brothers and sisters are with her she does get very excited as she knows that a trip out in the car normally means walkies.

So what sort of home is Molly looking for? She will need an active home, with someone around most of the time, and she definately needs the company of another dog. She loves children, but they would have to be big enough not to be knocked over during one of Molly’s mad moments!

Her new family will need to take into account her destructive tendencies when she is left and also have understanding or deaf neighbours!

Because Molly can be insecure and gets distressed when out in new environments we would like any prospective new owners to come and visit Molly several times to help he get to know and learn to trust the new people in her life, Molly is being fostered in Cardiff so adopters must be willing to travel to her. Molly says ‘if some one is coming to visit me doggy treats will really help me like you as I lovvvvvvvvvvve treats’. So that’s Molly.

The most loving, cuddly, wonderful devil dog in the world!

Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue
Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

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