Molly – 2 1/2 year old female Greyhound

Molly is a gorgeous 2 1/2 year old medium-sized Irish-bred black Greyhound female who has been raced (in Eire then on UK flapping tracks) and was retired due to a wrist strain. This injury will not be a problem in a pet home and she is fine now. She’s very affectionate and loves people and being around them, and doesn’t like being left alone so would be best in a home with canine company.

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She has only been in a house for a few weeks so its all a bit new for her and she needs to learn a few house rules – she’s a keen counter surfer! Molly is not cat friendly. She is shy with new people but soon comes round, and seems like she’s suffered some rough handling as she’s wary of leads, sticks, narrow passageways and direct approaches. But with calm handling she soon settles down and relaxes.

A home with small or noisy kids would probably not be suitable for her, but older, sensible dog-savvy children might be okay.

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