Molly – 5-6 year old female Terrier Cross

Molly, a lovely five to six years old female terrier cross, is seeking her forever home in Braintree, UK, after a challenging journey from Bosnia.

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With her petite size falling on the smaller side of medium, Molly is well-suited to a calm, semi-rural environment with a small garden where she can thrive.

  • How big? Small/Smaller side of medium
  • How old? Adult (around five/six years, could be a bit older)
  • Male or female? Female
  • Living with kids? I can live with older children (12+)
  • Living with dogs? I can live with other calm dogs
  • Resident dog required? No
  • Living with cats? I may be able to live with dog-savvy, confident cats
  • Where can I live? I’d like a calm, semi-rural home with a small garden
  • Where am I from? Bosnia, now in Braintree (UK adoption fee applies)

Molly is our longest standing foster dog and has been waiting for a new home for over 250 days. Please consider offering her the loving forever home she deserves.

About Molly

Molly was rescued from a very sad situation in Bosnia back in 2022. She had been living for the majority of her life outside on a chain, in miserable conditions and never shown any love, affection or kindness. Eventually, local rescuers were able to buy her freedom, and her ‘owner’ surrendered her to them.

She was adopted in April of the same year, but heartbreakingly in August of 2023, she was given back to us and has been looking for a new family ever since.

Molly was surrendered back to us due to her poor recall. She was also struggling to settle around the resident dog. Since she’s been back in our care we can tell Molly doesn’t appreciate being antagonised by big, bouncy and boisterous dogs, which is exactly what the former resident dog was like.

She much prefers a calm, relaxed lifestyle, and is far better with dogs of a similar temperament to her. Regarding her recall, she’s a terrier and she loves to explore nose first when she’s in rural areas, so that speaks for itself.

That said, her recall on her every-day walking route is now really good thanks to the consistent work of her foster family. The majority of the time Molly is very happy plodding along sniffing so on-lead walks are still absolutely fine for her.

Molly is estimated to be around 5-6 years old. She is an adorable, affectionate soul. She can be a little reserved around strangers and prefers to greet newcomers on her own terms, but once bonded with you is very snuggly, loyal and comical.

Molly loves to be near her human and follows her foster mum (or the spare human, if she’s not around!) around the house to make sure she knows what’s going on and doesn’t miss any snack opportunities.

In the months she has been in foster her family have done loads of work on getting her more comfortable with new people entering the house and she is tonnes better now than she was.

Molly absolutely loves her walks and gets very excited to go out. She walks very well on a lead and whilst she’s not the type of dog that needs hours of walks each day, when she does go out, she loves it. She is much more focused on her handler in less rural areas where there are fewer smells to explore – a typical terrier.

Molly prefers not to be approached by other dogs (especially large dogs) while out on her walks but is very easily distracted by treats and will happily stand and munch while they walk by.

Molly is currently in a foster home with a two year old female dog. At first, she was nervous about her new sister, but she has now worked her out enough to begin initiating play between them. However, Molly can be easily overwhelmed by energetic dogs and wants to get to know a dog well before contemplating a relationship – a wine and dine several times kinda girl!

We therefore think she would be happier in a home as an only dog but could potentially live with another dog who will read her signals well and leave her alone if needed. She would be better suited to a more placid canine companion than an energetic pup.

Molly has met children out and about and is curious but can find their sudden movements startling so would be better in a home without young children. She doesn’t have any experience living with kids, and after the movement she’s endured over the past year we would rather not give her any other new factors to contend with, so only homes with older children will be considered.

Molly is a gorgeous girl and looking for a home where someone can give her the time and understanding to get used to them, give her the gentle outdoor adventures she loves, and provide her with a calm, secure household environment where she can feel safe, happy, and settled. She has been so easy to care for her in foster home, but needs to right kind of adopter with realistic expectations.

Molly is currently based in a foster home in Braintree and is ready for adoption now. If you’re interested in meeting her, please get in touch.

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