Mottia and Dussia – 7 month old female Cross-Breeds

Mottia and Dussia are two sweet and tender are 7 month old female Cross-Breeds. Now they are around 40 cm /11 kilos, expected to be lower-medium size (abound 15 kilos when adult). Not neutered due to early age. Can be shy during the first days in a new family, so will need patience and space to decompress.

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Paw Help UK will provide manual with proved working tips and full post-adoption support. They are friendly to everyone: adults and kids, dogs, cats (try to play with them, so can be an issue for cat, if cat is timid or not used to dogs), loves to interact with humans and be nearby.

Currently at Foster in UK near Flintshire, CH52. Here is what Foster says about them: “Mottia and Dussia (I call them Misha and Dido) are two very loving pups who are just desperate to please you.

They are very sweet and affectionate and love nothing more than curling up on your knee for a nap in the evening. They love to please you so are easy to train and will do anything for treats!

Misha is doing really well with house training and has only had 2 accidents since being with us. Dido is also improving and understands that ‘wee wee’ means toilet in the garden. They both know some commands like ‘sit’ and ‘down’. Also respond well to ‘wait’ and ‘leave’. When they first came here, they would run away and hide under the table when we got the lead out, now they sit and wait for you put the lead on.


We have been practicing this and walking them in the garden as they are very nervous. We have taken them for a few walks when it’s quiet and Dido loves this. Misha is more unsure and needs Dido for reassurance. They play nicely with their toys and Dido loves chasing a ball, even brings is back to us to throw again.

They like chew toys and also like play fighting with each other. They are just two very sweet pups who need time to get used to their surroundings. They came out of their shell quickly here and adapted well after a few days”.

Mottia and Dussia were found at 2 months old in Ukraine, very young and tiny near the rubbish bins, trying to find some food, to survive in cruel world, very hungry and desperate for human attention.

Mottia and Dussia have no known health issues; not neutered due to early age. Vaccinated rabies, DHLPP, provided worms treatment, microchipped.

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