Meet MURPHY, a gentle and loving small boy of around 4 years old, resembling a Corgi-Chihuahua cross. MURPHY is a special boy, his life took a tragic turn due to teenagers cruelty. He lost one eye due to a horrific incident (see his story), but his spirit remains unbroken.

MURPHY is a Ukraine war dog in need of a safe haven. Give him a chance at a new life. He will be arriving in the UK on June 9 and is available for a foster-to-adopt

• SIZE: Small, 38 cm shoulder height/10 kilos
• CHARACTER HIGHLIGHTS: Gentle, loving, human oriented, placid
• DOGS: Friendly with
• CATS: Not tested
• CHILDREN: Good with

Rescue Story: MURPHY’s story is a tragic tale of unconditional love from humans and blind cruelty for mere amusement. MURPHY appeared one day in the communal garden of a residential area in a town in Ukraine. He was so kind and gentle that the residents didn’t reject him.

They provided him with a small wooden kennel in a quiet spot, where they fed and cared for him. While he didn’t have a specific family, all the residents became his family.

During the day, he received much attention and played with the kids in the playground. At night, he happily slept in his little wooden house, dreaming of the next happy day ahead.

However, there was a council worker who came to clean the streets and the garden, sometimes bringing her two teenage sons to help. They didn’t live there and had no attachment to MURPHY.

They often chased him, finding it amusing, and the residents frequently scolded them to stop.

One day, they came up with what they thought was a great prank. They chased him, made him hide in his kennel, and threw a petard inside. Perhaps they didn’t anticipate the consequences themselves.

After the explosion, MURPHY appeared lifeless, not moving, just breathing heavily, with a burned face and blood all over.

The people who quickly rushed to the scene immediately took him to a clinic, he wasn’t harmed badly and relieved from shock, but unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to save his eye.

Following the clinic visit, MURPHY was taken to a rescue, as it was evident that it was too dangerous for him to remain in the same place.

Despite this horrific act, MURPHY’s forgiving heart and loyalty to humans remain intact. His story is a testament to the resilience and unwavering trust that dogs often have in humans.

MURPHY is a loyal and loving companion who will always be by your side. He is still young, playful, and joyful outside, yet he is also calm and cuddly at home. He is housetrained and neutered. While the rescue is working on leash training with him, the process is challenging due to the large number of dogs in their care.

Therefore, MURPHY may need continued leash training in his future home, but with individual care and attention, he will learn quickly (rescue is happy to provide tips and post-adoption support). He is friendly with humans of all ages. He gets along well with other dogs, although he may be protective of his food and not keen to share his bowl or treats with them.

Thus, he may be better suited as the only dog in the home, with opportunities to socialize with other dogs on walks. He has not been tested with cats.

MURPHY will thrive in a loving home that can give him the care and attention he deserves, providing him with the happy life he so deeply deserves.

MURPHY is fully healthy. Has all core vaccines done, microchipped. All dogs are C.Brucella tested before trip (owners will receive a licensed laboratory test certificate).

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