Murphy, a kind soul, a German Shepherd Dog, 4-5 years old and a male.

Murphy is a super calm boy and is friendly with all people and other dogs. He has been in foster and was wonderful but change of circumstance means he is in private kennels in Stockport.

He is playful and wants to join in with other dogs’ play, but is currently hampered by being on the lead as he needs to learn recall.

He wants to be close to his human and even a short time after arriving wants to follow his new dad..

He is warm and affectionate, loving strokes and belly rubs. Even in a new environment he wants to meet new people, but approaches gently and with charm.

He was a big hit at the coffee shop! He likes his food/treats, which appears to be the key to training. He does not appear interested in toys or balls. Lead work is in progress and already strides forward have been made.

He is not good with cats so needs a cat free home also no small dogs. He is totally clean in the house and sleeps well all night. He would love a fairly active owner with access to some decent green spaces.

He probably doesn’t need huge amounts of exercise, but he does seem to enjoy a good walk. Although he’s quite big (circa 32kg), he is so calm in the house that access to the garden and a decent walk would make him a happy boy.

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Saving Souls Animal Rescue
Saving Souls Animal Rescue

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