These Myths About Black Dogs Are Totally True, Aren’t They?

October 1st is National Black Dog Day. The event was originally created to debunk the myths about black dog syndrome after animal rescue shelters reported black dogs were often passed over in rescue. But we have to say, after looking at the myths we have to agree with some of them.

I mean, look at these dogs and tell us you don’t agree.

Black dogs really don’t photograph well.

Black dogs are associated with the devil and just aren’t cute. At all.

Black pets are bad luck. Seriously, bad luck.

Don’t take our word, take a look at this news story.

Black dogs have less going for them in the personality department.

If we haven’t convinced you, maybe new mum and actress Sarah Jayne Dunn can.

“Our black Pug Ming Ming is a big part of our little family, possibly the biggest part. We specifically chose a black Pug because we were told they had bigger personalities and she really does. We were also told with black fur they don’t shed as many hairs.”

Oh no, wait, this is going wrong.

Sarah continued, “My brother has two rescue dogs, Truffles and Oscar. Oscar is completely black and Truffles is a Staffy cross. Both are adorable but both had been waiting for their forever homes long before being adopted by my brother. They were constantly overlooked for whatever reason. They couldn’t be more patient and loving, brought up in a household with 4 boisterous, noisy toddler-kids-teenagers, they only ever had love to give in return for a loving household and family. I swear you can see the happiness in their eyes, they are such big softies.”

Sarah Jayne Dunn is a celebrity ambassador to, which is the UK’s largest dog adoption site, sponsored by Direct Line Pet Insurance and working with more than 530 animal rescues across the UK to change perceptions of dogs in rescue while helping more dogs to find loving new homes.

If, like Sarah, you’re a big fan of rescue dogs visit today where you can find thousands of dogs looking for new homes including Trixie, an older black cross-breed with a massive personality who has been in rescue for more than 200 days and had no interest.

We can’t work out why can you?

Okay, so we’re convinced. The myths are wrong. Black dogs are awesome.

Maybe Black Dog Syndrome is real? Whatever the reason, this beautiful older girl deserves a chance. Don’t you think?

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