Neil – 10 month old male Cross-Breed

Neil is a 10-month-old male dog, and his specific breed is unknown, making him a small mixed breed. Found in a public kill shelter in Romania, Neil’s early days were far from ideal.

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Fortunately, he was rescued and relocated to a more secluded kennel, awaiting the opportunity for a loving family.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding his breed, Neil exhibits distinctive terrier characteristics and a lively personality. Foreseeing a small to medium size in adulthood, Neil has a resilience that belies his challenging past.

Despite having been let down by humans, his spirit remains unbroken. A jovial and exuberant soul, Neil greets visitors with boundless enthusiasm, showcasing his love for people through playful antics and an insatiable appetite for attention.

Capturing clear photographs of Neil proves to be a challenge, as his exuberance often results in cheerful, albeit blurry, images.

Currently cohabiting with dogs of various sizes and shapes in his kennel, Neil displays exemplary sociability. Whether sharing a home with a resident dog or basking in the undivided attention of a new family, Neil is adaptable and content. His affectionate nature extends beyond humans to his canine companions.

Given his youth, Neil requires guidance and ongoing training to support his growth and development. Areas such as housetraining, lead training, and basic commands are on the agenda to ensure his continued progress.

Neil’s vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, and veterinary health checks have been diligently attended to, ensuring his readiness for adoption.

Although currently residing in Romania, Neil eagerly anticipates the prospect of finding his forever home. Prepared to travel at a moment’s notice, he awaits a family willing to provide the love and care he deserves.

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