Nelu is a 1-2 year old male Romanian Miriotic Sheepdog Cross. His friend went to a better life and he remains alone.

Please help our beautiful Nelu find a family. Our boy Nelu has waited far too long now. There must be someone who loves him.

Nelu has such a sad story our ngo rescuer Andreea found him and the condition that shocked us all.

Nelu was tied with a metal rope so tight that he could hardly breathe and marks within his neck so deep cutting nearly into bone Why? Why would anyone do this to a soul who has a beating heart, why would anyone want to inflict such pain on an innocent life?

We ask the same question every day and every time we can only come up with the fact that these people who do this don’t have a soul, no remorse, they are monsters.

So many months it took Andreea and her team to get Nelu better and learn to trust in people which at first he found hard but who could blame him after all he had known was pain and fear.

Today Nelu is a different dog. He is described by Andreea as the most perfect boy, happy, healthy and more than ready to finally find someone who will protect and love him for the rest of his life.

Nelu walks incredibly well on the leash Friendly with males and females Due to his past trauma we must find a home for Nelu who have experience with Romanian rescue dogs.

Nelu would benefit from a nice size, secure garden. He wouldn’t enjoy being left for long periods as he’s already spent so long in the shelter it’s time now that he can start to enjoy life with his people around most of the time. No small children due to his past trauma and size.

Nelu is vaccinated, blood tested, brucellosis test, Kennel cough vaccine, flea and worm treated, neutered, and microchip.

He is a full backup in the U.K. Meadow Of Hope Dog Rescue Uk. He is currently in Romania. Homecheck and process apply.

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