Nero – 5-6 year old male Bulldog Cross

Nero is a 5-6 year old male Bulldog Cross. The downside, He seriously stresses out to loud noises, e.g. Fireworks. He finds it impossible to settle pacing round and round and being oblivious to us, we have taken to putting him in his crate, covering with blankets, putting out the lights and turning TV up for him to settle Good bits, this boy is very eager to bond, he’s obviously carrying some baggage, he likes to get up close and personal on the sofa, then he stays put for hours, in fact he sleeps more than any dog we have had. If he was child I’d say he was scared of being abandoned again. He’s good, not great but good on the lead. He’s clean in the house, and lets us know if he needs to go out. You need to use his name and then a command to get a response, but he is fine with sit, stay etc. He’s a barker for door knocks and isolated outdoor sounds. but is not persistent. He welcomed Jen into the house when she got back a couple of days ago. Oh he whines at Irene in the morning to get let up stairs, when he comes to join me he curls up as close as possible and just stays put. Initiates play with toys, I oh he is mildly hand shy, but working on that. Seen no aggression.

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We will now consider homes with children for Nero he has been around children now without issue it does depend on the children’s experience around dogs and also how they all get along in introductions. Nero has been perfect in the home is house trained and also crate trained.

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