Ollie – 2 year old male Parson Russell Terrier

Hello, everyone! My name is Ollie and I am a 2 year old Parson Russell Terrier. I am neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and I am located in Kent. I came into rescue as an unclaimed stray. I am described as by my foster mama as a loving, energetic, cheeky little guy who just wants to be loved! Before I tell you about myself in more detail, please see my essential rehoming criteria:

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* I need to be an only dog (at least initially but I could live with another dog once I am completely settled).
* I can live with dog-savvy children 8+
* I need to live in a home with very little traffic in the vicinity of the house (and I need owners committed to working on my fear of traffic).
* I need someone who is home the majority of the time (at least whilst I am settling in over the first few months).
* I cannot live with cats.

Now, back to telling you about myself….

I am currently living as an only dog in my foster home and as I have not had any other known experience of dogs in a home environment, my friends at SEDR think that I would do best as an only dog in my new home. However, once I have learned the ropes and my new family have worked on my socialisation skills, they see no reason why I could not live with another dog in the future.

I have met dogs on my walks and am very happy to meet them. However, I can be quite giddy when meeting them so not all dogs will be pleased to meet me!! Therefore, my foster family have been taking things gently, introducing me to other dogs slowly and cautiously. My new family will need to help me polish up on my manners and training classes would definitely be helpful. When I do walk with other dogs though, I like to be at the front of the pack because I am a #dogboss! ?

I love my walks, whether it is a canter around the block or a long, leisurely walk. I walk well on the lead but I am anxious and reactive around traffic, especially cars. I get very frightened, especially around cars that zoom past or have their high beams on at night. I will pull on the lead to bark at them so ideally, I need a home in a quiet area, away from very busy traffic. I am walked on a short lead to prevent me jumping in the road if a car suddenly appears.

My foster mama says that I am slowly getting better during quiet walks with minimal traffic. However, a potential home must understand that I have a significant fear of cars and it must be prepared to work with me (and this is not an easy task). My friends at SEDR would also advise using a three-point harness to minimise the risk of accidental escape when I am scared by traffic.

I can also be nervous of sudden and loud noises in the home, for example, a dropped object or a slamming door. My foster mama says that I jump up and look alarmed when I hear such noises. I do like a cuddle and a reassuring word when this happens to know that everything is ‘okay’. In fact, I am very much a ‘velcro’ dog and will follow you everywhere. Therefore, if you enjoy going to the toilet in peace, I am not the dog for you! ?

However, once given a proper chance to settle in my new home, my friends at SEDR are confident that I will not feel so compelled to cling to my new owner/s. As there has been a lot of upheaval in my young life, I just feel the need to be close to kindness and love once I have found it. Bearing this in mind, my new family will need to work on leaving me on my own very gradually, I would prefer a home where someone is home the majority of the time, at least in the early months.

That said, I rarely bark and the only time I tend to make a noise is at the naughty cars that frighten me outside. I love playing with toys and especially enjoy having a game of ‘catch’. However, despite ‘loving’ toys, I do tend to chew them (only rope toys have survived my ‘playtime so far! ?). I do also have a tendency to pick up anything like gloves, socks and hats for playtime (but not shoes!). Therefore, I will motivate my new owners to clean up after themselves so nothing is left on the floor in my crosshairs ?. However, I have never shown any signs of resource guarding and have never attempted to chew any furniture.

I have been very good with children that I have engaged with and would definitely enjoy having a little human friend or two for company. Therefore, I could live with children aged 8+ but they will need to be used to living with or engaging with a lively dog as I can be a little excitable during play (but have absolutely no malice).

Whilst I have not bothered a hamster in the foster home whilst in its cage, I have never encountered cats or other small, ‘free-range’ animals in the foster home. As my history is unknown, I am unable to be placed with cats/small furries (and sadly, my friends at SEDR do not have the facilities to test this).

My foster mama says that I am a ‘star pupil’ with my house training and I get a gold star! I do much of my business on my walks but when I need to pee or poop at home, I will stand by the back door to let you know that I need to relieve myself.

At night, I like to sleep at the foot of the bed, on a blanket. However, I would happily sleep in bed with my new family if invited!! I have absolutely no concept of a ‘dog bed’; I have two standards at the moment; bed or laps! Whilst I could be introduced to a dog bed, this will probably take some time and will need to be gradually introduced and worked with alongside leaving me alone, a little bit at a time.

I have no known medical conditions and have been given a ‘clean bill of health’.

Whilst I do have some worries and fears that will need a committed family, I am a delightful, energetic, cheeky lad who will love my family with all of my heart and soul.

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