Oreo and Jeannie are a 2-year-old male and female medium cross-breeds.

Oreo stands out as the handsome white boy, while Jeannie boasts a beautiful caramel colour, described as the small end of medium. These two special dogs form a deeply bonded pair, having cherished each other since their puppy days, now inseparable companions.

Oreo, despite his profound deafness, finds comfort and guidance in Jeannie, who has assumed the role of his protector and guide dog since their earliest days together.

Their bond is unbreakable, and they navigate life’s journey hand in paw. Both Oreo and Jeannie possess wonderful, calm, and loving natures, exhibiting affection towards people of all ages, especially children.

They are described as sweethearts, embodying warmth and gentleness in their interactions.

Notably, both dogs display excellent social skills, getting along well with both dogs and cats, making them ideal companions for a household with existing furry friends.

Oreo and Jeannie are already neutered/spayed, accustomed to walking on a lead, fully vaccinated, and microchipped, demonstrating readiness for their forever home.

It’s emphasized that these two dogs are a bonded pair and must remain together, enriching each other’s lives immeasurably.

The text highlights their eagerness to travel from Romania to the UK in search of their forever family, hoping to make their shared dream a reality.

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