Orla is a 7 month old female Cross-Breed.

Orla arrived as a foster dog on the 19th May and has been adapting to life in the UK really well. She is currently being fostered in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, and has been doing so well navigating the big wide world after her sheltered start in life.

Orla and her siblings were abandoned together when they were around two months old and all ended up in the shelter in Cyprus.

They were so young, it was heartbreaking to see an entire litter discarded in such a way, but despite their shaky start Orla and her siblings have shown themselves to be very resilient and forgiving.

Although a bit hesitant in new situations and with new people, Orla is slowly coming out of her shell more and more each day. She is inquisitive and brave, and once she’s gained a little confidence she soon reveals her lively, playful and happy nature.

She’s a typical young puppy who likes to be involved in everything and loves to ‘help’ with whatever the humans are doing! Once she’s built up a little trust with you she is very cuddly, friendly and affectionate.

Orla is a huge foodie and absolutely loves mealtimes and treats. She tries so hard to be patient for her meals, but you can tell how excited she is.

Her fosters are working on her boundaries around food, and it’s to be expected as she came from a large litter and was also the smallest of all of them, so she had to eat fast or she didn’t eat at all! She has already learned to sit nicely for a treat, and her love of food will come in handy for training, as it can be used as a reward.

Orla is great with people and although she seems to prefer women, she’s still great around men. She loves a sofa snuggle with anyone and everyone, and she just wants to be close all the time. She is very loving, and it’s a joy to watch her relationship form with new people as she becomes more and more trusting.

Since being in the UK she hasn’t had any contact with young children, only children aged 10+ and she was nervous at first, but once she’d come round to them she was friendly and playful.

At the shelter, the youngest child she spent time around was seven, but we think as long as children are gentle and respectful of her space kids aged 5/6+ would be fine for her.

She has not had any close contact with cats, but has met them briefly on walks and seemed disinterested, so could possibly live with confident cats.

We think that Orla would prefer a home with another dog, which actually is something that is consistent throughout the entire litter.

Orla is currently the only dog in the household and whilst she’s doing well, she lights up when there are other dogs around and she is constantly observing them for cues and reassurance.

She loves being around other dogs, and she’s very playful and bouncy with them when she’s warmed to them and ready to play.

Orla has done so well in the few weeks she’s been in foster. She’s pretty much mastered house training, she’s learned to walk on the lead, she’s made great bonds with new humans and dogs, and we can now really see her sweet personality shining through.

She’s a cheeky, playful and adorable little soul, and she would be a great addition to a family looking for a puppy to welcome into their home.

She would be best suited to a home outside of the city where it’s not too busy, with a low/moderately active lifestyle. She does enjoy a good walk, but she’s not particularly demanding in her physical needs and as long as she’s with humans she loves, she’s happy.

She also loves to find a bench whilst on her walks so she can have a mid-walk cuddle!

Orla is currently based in Lincolnshire and has a clean bill of health. She is ready to meet her new forever family.

  • How big? Small/Smaller side of medium
  • How old? Puppy (DOB 05.11.2023)
  • Male or female? Female
  • Living with kids? I can live with children (6+)
  • Living with dogs? I can live with other dogs
  • Resident dog required? Yes, preferred
  • Living with cats? I could possibly live with confident cats
  • Where can I live? I’d like a home outside of the city
  • Where am I from? Cyprus, now in Lincolnshire (Cyprus adoption fee applies)
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