Otis is a 1-year-old male Bullbreed cross who entered rescue in October last year and unfortunately spent an extended period in kennels due to a shortage of suitable foster homes.

Despite his time in kennels, Otis has proven to be incredibly friendly towards other dogs, although he can be a bit exuberant in his play. Recognizing the need for some refinement in his social skills, plans are in place to enrol Otis in daycare to enhance his doggy etiquette.

With his striking looks and charming personality, Otis has the potential to be a real showstopper, yet he remains a work in progress, requiring ongoing training, especially in addressing his mouthing behaviour.

The foster mum has provided insights into Otis’s behaviour and preferences. Otis, an unabashed food enthusiast, will indulge in counter surfing if left unattended, but he remains well-behaved when his foster mum is preparing meals.

Despite initial mouthing and jumping tendencies, there has been noticeable improvement, with reduced force and frequency. Otis’s love for food extends to raw tripe, and a transition to raw chicken with a tripe topper is underway.

Regarding his interactions with other animals, Otis’s friendliness extends to dogs, but assessments for cat and small animal compatibility are pending.

He has had exposure to children in his previous home, with suitable for a family with teenagers due to his ongoing training needs.

Crate training has not been established, and Otis, weighing in at 31.0 KG and standing at 23.0 inches to withers, may exhibit slight pulling on the lead initially but settle into a nice walk.

In terms of home habits, Otis has displayed some minor destructive tendencies, involving pilfered slippers and chewed kitchen utensils. He has been left alone for up to 5 hours without issue in a previous foster home.

Notably, no reactive or aggressive behaviour has been observed, highlighting Otis’s amiable nature.

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