Otto – 1 year old male Shar-Pei

Otto is a 1 year old male Shar-Pei. He joined us when he was picked up as a stray and not reclaimed. Otto is a fab young man and makes me laugh all the time with his funny faces and his antics.

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The Shar Pei is a very loyal and affectionate dog by nature even though they may always have a frown on their face. However, they are not the best choice for first-time owners because they need to be handled and trained by someone familiar with this type of dog.

They are known to be quite independent and reserved, but once they form a bond with their owners or families, they become valued members of a household. These dogs love being inside the home which is cosy and warm because they dislike the cold.

They can be very wary and aloof when they meet anyone for the first time, but would not show any sort of aggression towards a stranger, preferring to just keep out of the way. A puppy needs to be well socialised from a young age and their training has to start as soon as possible too.

The Shar Pei needs to be taught who is the alpha dog in a household because they are much happier and more obedient when they know their place in the pack. If a Shar Pei is allowed to rule the roost, they will and this can lead to a dog becoming unruly and hard to handle.

The Shar Pei is not the best choice for first-time dog owners because they need to be handled and trained by people who are familiar with the breed and their very specific needs, bearing in mind that they can be quite hard to train. After all, the Shar Pei is quite stubborn and wilful when the mood takes them.

Shar Peis although aloof and proud, are also playful by nature with their families and enjoy playing interactive games. It is important to know when a Shar Pei is being playful and when they are showing a more dominant side to their natures.

Shar Peis are always quick to let an owner know when they don’t like something that is going on in their environment and because they are wary of strangers, they would always react when people they don’t know are around.

The Shar Pei is an intelligent dog, but they need to be handled and trained with a firm yet fair hand. They do not respond well to any sort of harsh training or correction.

However, if an owner is too soft, a Shar Pei, as previously mentioned, will start to show a more dominant side to their personality. They do have a strong stubborn streak in them which means they need to be handled and trained by someone familiar with this type of dog.

It takes a lot of patience and consistency to train a Shar Pei and even then they are not known to be the most obedient of dogs.

This is why they are not the best choice for novice dog owners because a Shar Pei might get the better of them and start to show a more dominant side to their characters making them harder to handle and live with.

Otto is quite the regal little lad, he walks beautifully on a short lead, nose down sniffing everything in sight, however on a long line or flexi he is quite a pully and just wants to run and zoom around.

Otto is house-trained, he loves his food and walks, and home comforts are a must for him! Otto is a gentle little soul, he is a darling with not a bad bone in his body.

Otto loves other dogs on his terms but can be bossy so would be best as the only dog. He is fine with females smaller than him and doesn’t seem too keen on larger males but he is getting much better with them.

Otto will happily ignore them on walks but does appear to have a high prey drive and when loose if it runs or squeaks, he wants to chase it! He is very much a little shadow, follows me everywhere and loves to snuggle up on the bed with me at night time.

Otto is not destructive however loves to rip up cardboard and throw soft toys around! Otto is fine to be left and happily snuggled up in his bed. Otto travels perfectly in the car and loves an adventure.

This lovely guy would make a fantastic addition to any family as he is a lovely cuddly loyal companion. Otto can be homed with children 10 years plus, he adores humans! Otto is very obedient and quick to learn, no matter what he is doing, when you call his name he comes running!

Otto is an absolute comedian and makes me laugh all the time with his daft antics! Otto is castrated, fully vaccinated and chipped, he is flea and wormed. Could you give this beautiful guy the happiness ever after he deserves?

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All Animals Rescue and Rehome Essex

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