Panda, a 7-year-old small Terrier Cross male, finds himself in the predicament of being confined to a shelter in Croatia, eagerly yearning for the day he can call a place his forever home.

The shelter, though providing care, is less than an ideal setting for a dog of Panda’s age and disposition. This petite Terrier, with a charming personality, is seeking the comfort and security of a loving family environment.

In the canine social sphere, Panda exhibits an amiable nature towards his fellow four-legged companions. He gets along well with other dogs, although he appreciates a bit of space and doesn’t particularly enjoy boisterous interactions.

Panda’s preference for a more laid-back approach with his canine counterparts makes him an easygoing companion, provided his canine friends respect his boundaries.

When it comes to interactions with humans, Panda truly shines. Described as a calm and independent soul, he craves the affection and attention that only a loving home can provide.

Panda’s gentle demeanor and loving disposition make him a wonderful addition to any household willing to embrace his warm companionship.

Panda’s journey towards finding his forever home is accompanied by assurances of his well-being. He has been Neutered, Vaccinated, and Microchipped, with the added benefit of free registration upon adoption.

Furthermore, his adopter will receive four days of complimentary insurance, a thoughtful gesture to assist in the initial phases of Panda settling into his new abode.

The commitment to Panda’s well-being extends beyond adoption, as he comes with the promise of Rescue Back Up for Life.

In summary, Panda is not just a 7-year-old Terrier Cross seeking a home; he is a delightful companion ready to bring joy, love, and loyalty to the lucky family that opens their heart and homes to him.

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