Paris is a 4-year-old female Labrador Retriever, rescued from meat trucks in China where she endured a challenging past of distemper and a life solely dedicated to breeding.

This resilient canine has made remarkable progress under the care of her devoted foster family, who played a crucial role in helping her rediscover the joys of being a dog.

Despite her difficult history, Paris has shown significant improvement since her days of being emotionally withdrawn. Her foster mummy highlights that she has come on “leaps and bounds,” demonstrating a newfound zest for life.

However, Paris, being in the early stages of lead training, sometimes walks at an angle, possibly influenced by the lingering effects of distemper.

Her foster mummy suggests that potential adopters should be informed about Paris’s size and strength, as she still exhibits some habits like pawing, particularly when excited. Although she has improved, the habit persists, leading to occasional thigh bruises.

Remarkably well-behaved around food, Paris has learned to go to her bed during meals, displaying discipline even when tempted by apples.

Within the home environment, she has adapted admirably, showing no inclination to climb stairs, and the foster family is taking a patient, step-by-step approach to her training.

Paris’s journey of learning extends to her social skills, with her foster family noting the development of eye contact—a positive sign of her growing confidence and connection with humans.

Notably, she couldn’t be spayed in China due to her weight, but her foster mum has successfully managed to reduce it, and Paris is scheduled for spaying in early February.

For potential adopters, multiple meet-and-greet sessions are recommended to ensure a smooth transition for Paris into her new forever home.

The loving care and commitment from her foster family have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping Paris into a more confident and well-adjusted companion.

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