Patch is a 4 year old male Lurcher Cross. He has been with us for some time now and is a firm favourite amongst team Teckels. We can’t believe this awesome boy hasn’t been snapped up by his perfect family yet! Patch is a super clever boy, walks nicely on the lead, loves playing fetch and will let you scratch his neck all day long.

Being an active dog, Patch enjoys going out for walks and will be great company for rambles in the countryside. While out, he spends much of his time calmly sniffing and exploring. He is a pleasure to walk on the lead, although we do have to keep an out for those cheeky sighthound zoomies! Patch can find meeting other dogs a little tricky.

However, he has had some walking friends here at the centre, so we are confident he will be able to make a few dog walking friends given time, consistency and continued training. Patch’s biggest love in life is food and this clever boy always works super hard in his training sessions, especially if he knows there’s something tasty available.

With the help of positive reinforcement training, Patch has learnt to walk nicely on his lead, has learnt to settle in his crate (including being sent there from a different room – clever boy!!) and has even learnt that getting on the scales on weigh day Wednesdays isn’t as scary as he once thought it was.

We can’t be sure if this was a fear of stepping on to the scales or fear of having to admit that his waistline seemed to have expanded! Although Patch may look like a big, brave boy; he is actually quite a sensitive character and can be worried in some situations.

He would therefore be well suited to a quieter, adult-only home with a clear and consistent routine. Patch would like to be the only pet in his new home and ideally would like his new family to be around for most of the day to keep him company, although we do feel he could be left for a couple of hours at a time.

He really is just looking for an easy life where he can happily co-exist with his human friends without too much expectation of him. We find it really hard to explain, in a small profile, just how wonderful we think this boy is. He has been overlooked for so long and, although we feel so lucky, we get to hang out with him every day; it really is time Patchy had a home to call his own.

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