Peachy – 5 month old Belgian Shepherd Cross

Peachy is a 5 month old Belgian Shepherd Cross. Dogs living in scrapyards in Cyprus is quite common as they provide places of refuge for dogs among the discarded items, and the owners of the premises think thieves are less likely to steal things if there are dogs present on the grounds. That said, they are rarely cared for adequately and they often end up in shelters when they’re exhausted, dehydrated and starving.

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Two females that had recently given birth were caught recently and were linked back to a local scrapyard in an industrial estate who said they were happy to surrender them into proper care. They also advised that both the dogs had had puppies, and it would be better if the shelter could take them on too as many of the pups had died from snake bites and heat exhaustion without proper shelter and safety. Only of four of them were left.

Peachy is a submissive girl who thrives in the company of other dogs. She’s looking for a home without any children and has not been tested with cats. She is a clever puppy, but unfortunately her difficult start in life has left her with her guard up, and she needs a gentle transition into a new home so she doesn’t get overwhelmed. She has a very sweet personality underneath her shy exterior, it’s just about gaining her trust and helping her to relax.

Peachy and her sister, Maya, definitely have prominent Shepherd genes and will need homes who are dedicated to training from a young age. They will be active adults who will need energetic lifestyles, and homes with gardens. Peachy is the most nervous of the siblings and she’s looking for a calm home with a patient adopter who can help her to trust people.

She needs the company of at least one other dog to feel secure, so please don’t apply to adopt Peachy if you don’t already have a resident dog who can help her to adapt to a home environment. She learns a lot by watching other dogs and being in their company, so this is a very important factor in helping her to adjust to a companion lifestyle.

In the right environment, pups like Peachy can make incredible companions and wonderful family dogs, but the time, energy and effort involved in raising a puppy should not be underestimated. If you’re interested in adopting a puppy please get in touch and we can assess your suitability.

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