Meet Penny, Penny is a beautiful, loving and happy girl who loves to always be close to her favourite people.

Penny is a 1 year old medium/large female Cross-Breed.

She can be nervous of new people entering her home which can cause her to be reactive especially towards males, she is currently kept separated from visitors. Penny is a huge foodie and loves everything she is offered, this helps lots with training!

She is a good escape artist so will need a secure garden in her new home and her family need to be vigilant surrounding this, she is very clever and will open doors on her own.

Penny is an affectionate girl and loves lots of belly rubs and cuddles but also loves to run around playing with her toys especially those she can chew or that make a noise.

Penny currently lives with children who she can struggle with, she will display herding behaviours towards them, she would therefore prefer an Adult only home however we would consider Older Dog Savvy children 14+ with slow and sensible introductions.

Penny can live with another confident, playful dog. She is very good with other dogs and loves to chase and be chased around. She has growled on occasions when meeting dogs in the home however will settle after slow introductions.

Penny can live with a Confident, Dog Savvy Cat. She currently lives with a cat who she is very good with however she can sometimes become over excited and chase her to initiate play.

Penny accepts a collar, harness and lead. She is mostly very good on the lead however can pull if she wants to play with another dog and she is very strong, this will need continued work in her new home. She is good with dogs on walks and wants to play with them all!

She can struggle to understand boundaries which other dogs can find overwhelming. She can also sometimes be reactive to fast moving people or objects such as runners and bikes. Penny’s recall is not good therefore she remains on the lead at all times.

Penny is toilet trained, she likes to open the door to let herself out for a wee. She is not crate trained however has spent some time in the crate, her family feel she could be crate trained with patience.

Penny displays guarding behaviours around food and resources, this is well managed by her family with separation when eating and boundaries. This will need to continue in her new home.

Penny can display destructive behaviours around the home causing her to chew objects in reach, this will need to be worked on in her new home. Penny can be left alone for long periods of time with no issues.

She can struggle with travelling in the car and suffers with severe car sickness, she currently takes tablets for occasional long journeys and copes well with this.

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