Percy – 3-4 year old male Poodle cross Terrier

Percy is a 3-4 year old male Poodle cross Terrier. He was found as a stray in Cyprus just over a year ago. He was terrified when he first came into the shelter and struggled to navigate a busy, high-adrenaline environment with lots of other dogs.

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When he was adopted a few weeks later we were delighted for him, but sadly due to the arrival of a new baby, Percy is seeking a new home once more. He has become very unsettled since the baby arrived and would be far more comfortable in an adult-only household.

Percy’s family have noticed his general behaviour change substantially since their baby was born due to him living in a heightened state of stress due to the considerable change in atmosphere in the household. They therefore feel it’s only fair to allow Percy to find a calmer home where he can be the centre of attention, as right now he’s not at his happiest and they want nothing but the best for him.

Percy has the affectionate, people-oriented nature (and dashing hairdo) of a Poodle, and the fiery, cheeky and focused traits of a typical Terrier. He’s a very playful, energetic dog, but is equally very cuddly and keen to sleep on your lap once home. Percy loves people and is keen to interact with them.

Percy loves a belly rub more than anything, and he loves to lick people after a stroke to show his appreciation. His excitement at being fussed over means he will sometimes jump up, but he’s responded well to learning ‘sit’ and as he’s a small dog, he’s not the type to knock anyone over easily. With most dogs, Percy is very keen to engage. Sometimes this comes across as quite intense over-excitement, but in most cases, he likes to just say hello and then continue with his day, rather than playing.

It’s important to bear in mind that at the shelter Percy was one of the smaller dogs and was surrounded by larger pups. This has had an impact on his interactions with larger dogs when out on walks, and he does sometimes show reactive tendencies towards bigger dogs that are more curious of him. This hasn’t been aggression but is better described as defensive, mainly through vocalisation to articulate he wants his boundaries to be respected. Percy has stayed in a house with another dog several times before and had no issues.

Percy generally prefers short periods of play before spending time alone or interacting with humans. He has also been friendly with kids aged 7+, but overall. We just feel he would be happier in a home without kids. Percy’s favourite thing aside from people is arguably food. He is very food motivated and being an ex-street dog, he considers most foods to be valuable.

Percy does therefore sometimes scavenge, and this can result in resource guarding when you try to take it from him. He has been to the vet twice for eating things he shouldn’t have on walks, including animal faeces and mushrooms. This is something that needs to be observed to ensure his safety, but is commonplace in dogs – they are inherently scavengers but like anything, some are more prone to it than others.

Percy can be described as people-oriented. He would be happiest in a home where he’s the only dog, in a calm, more relaxed household without any children. He would be best suited to a more suburban home than right in the heart of the city and would benefit from having quiet walks nearby. He loves playing tug of war with his toys, being chased, stealing socks from the dryer, and being the centre of attention. He is a persistent boy (terrier quality!) and is very determined once he sets his mind to something.

Percy needs an active home with a family who are prepared and keen to train him. He’s super clever and responds well to positive reinforcement, so with the right focus, we think he will excel. We feel that Percy would be best suited to a home where he’s the only dog. Although he does get on with other dogs for the most part, he would be fine without them and doesn’t rely on their companionship. He is 100% more interested in people.

Percy is not suitable for a home with cats, and being a terrier he does have a natural prey drive so likes to sniff and chase when out on walks. He has good recall when not distracted and loves to run about and stretch his legs, so he would also really benefit from a home with a garden to play in. Percy is currently based in Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire and is ready to meet his new family. He has a clean bill of health and is housetrained, crate-trained and neutered.

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