Pete is a 1 year old male Patterdale Terrier. He is searching for his forever home after spending some time at Teckels. Pete arrived at the centre as a stray, so we are unsure of his history but are working hard to give him the future he deserves.

This happy chap is looking for a family to give him lots of love and support as it would seem he has missed out on a lot of crucial stages as a pup. Pete appears to lack socialisation skills and basic manners when meeting new doggy friends, so for this reason, he will need to be the only dog in the home and will require some training in this area with slow introductions to other dogs.

One of Pete’s favourite things is playing with toys! He likes to play with the staff at Teckels or will entertain himself with a teddy or a ball. When it comes to food, this little man can get very excited, so he will need lots of space during mealtime to prevent any behaviour problems from occurring in the future.

Pete is a very excitable boy with lots of energy. His family will need to be prepared to offer him lots of exercises and mental stimulation to put his energy to good use. While he does love a cuddle, it will need to be on his terms as he can be a bit worried and frustrated when overhandled. For this reason, he can live with dog-savvy children aged 8 years and above who can understand his boundaries.

Pete’s home would need to have a garden for him to run around and burn his excess energy. The garden will need to be fully enclosed as this bouncy boy will be sure to try and have a nosey over fences! It is likely that Pete will need a lot of back-to-basic training in various areas, so puppy classes are advisable and new owners will need to consider the possibility of back-to-basic training regarding travel, toilet training and recall. As we are unsure if Pete has lived in a home before, we are unaware if he is house-trained.

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