Pickle is a 2 year old male Cross-Breed. He is currently located in Stoke-on-Trent. He is a very clever boy who loves to be kept mentally stimulated with his lick mats and other enrichment activities and would love an active home that can keep this up and enjoy lots of walkies with him.

Pickle is very food-motivated but will sit and wait for his food like a good boy! He also loves to play with his balls, sunbathe and zoom around the garden but can get tired and loves to have power naps to save up his energy.

Pickle is a very affectionate boy with the people he trusts and loves cuddles. Pickle can live with Older dog savvy children following sensible introductions.

Pickle can live with dogs following sensible introductions. Pickle does not like cats.

Pickle accepts a Collar, harness and lead and loves his walks. He walks very well on the lead and is currently in the training stages of walking to heel and is making good progress.

Pickle will generally ignore strangers on walks unless approached close by which can cause him to be reactive however he can be redirected.

Pickles can be nervous around new people visiting the home and this can cause him to be reactive.

Pickle would prefer a quieter home with minimal visitors and someone willing to build his confidence around new people.

Once he has met and built trust with visitors he is very loving and gets excited to see them again!

Pickle is toilet trained. Pickle is also crate-trained. Pickle can be left alone for long periods with no issues and is not destructive. He also sleeps well overnight with no issues.

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