Pippa and Tom are 5 and 11 year old female and male Chihuahuas, respectively. These cute pair are looking for a home together due to their owners worsening heath. A slow but steady decline has compromised their care over a long period. Tom faired better as life was pretty normal when he was young, but Pippa joined the family just as things began to go downhill, so she is a nervous little thing.

Pippa and Tom are country dogs and have little of any experience of walking along busy roads, and the hustle and bustle of town life. So we are looking for a rural home, with a nice secure garden, big enough to provide interesting occupation for them both, especially Pippa, who may never enjoy going out for walks. We are looking for a calm, and quiet, adult home, with children. Though occasional visiting children might be considered.

Tom’s puppyhood and early years were stable, he spent his puppyhood with big dogs, so he knows he is a big dog too. He loves other dogs but can be a bossy little so and so on first meeting, especially on his turf. He loves his food and runs off with the other dog’s dinner bowls if you look the other way.

Tom is a friendly soul and once he knows you, and gives the best kisses, but he doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve and can be standoffish at first, so expect to work to gain his affection.

Tom was house trained, but during his owner’s decline he lost this and was quite dirty when we took him in, but a few months of hard work and he is now very good. He walks well on a lead, and has a good recall for me, but so far doesn’t display this for others. Because unchecked Tom will run up to any dog, so is likely to put himself in danger, he needs to stay on a longline ( NOT a flexi lead) until you have practised and perfected his recall, until you can both do it in your sleep. He travels well in the car and rides in a crate with Pippa.

Pippa is a minx, independent, knows her own mind, and makes her wishes plain. She is one of the smallest dogs I’ve known, but certainly knows what she doesn’t want, she will soon have you under her paw, ensuring you meet her wishes.

One minute she is happy go lucky a bit daft and ditsy in a loveable way, usually proudly carting a bone or toy, around to show how clever she is. the next she is running scared and hiding away.

Pippa’s house training, like Tom’s had been lost and is still very much a work in progress. Their owner had resorted to puppy pads which she will use. She is crated at night.

Pippa seems to have missed out on a lot of the early socialisation that would have helped her to view the world with some confidence, sadly I believe puppy socialisation completely passed her by.

Pippa travels well in the car but is often in two minds about coming out, especially if under pressure – such as when you have a deadline to meet, and hides. But once in the car travels well in a crate with Tom.

She does walk on a lead, but much of the time isn’t at all keen. She will likely always need to stay on a longline,(not a flexi-lead), when walked.

A carrying bag for her to ride in might be a good idea to start with so that she can familiarise herself with the location.

Pippa and Tom are near Kidwelly, West Wales, so you will need to be able to travel to meet them.

If you feel you can offer them the very best home then please apply using the online application form only.

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