Pippi, a seven-year-old female English Bull Terrier, exudes friendliness and affection in abundance, embodying the gentle and loving nature characteristic of her breed.

Accustomed to the constant presence of her family, recent changes in circumstances have left her grappling with feelings of despondency, as she finds herself spending extended periods alone, a stark departure from her previous routine.

Pippi thrives on companionship and cherishes the warmth of familial bonds, relishing moments spent snuggled up on the sofa with her loved ones.

While not overly energetic, she displays strength on the lead, indicative of her sturdy build and inherent determination.

In her quest for a forever home, Pippi seeks solace in the form of undivided attention, yearning to be the sole focus of her adoptive family’s affection.

Ideally suited to a household where someone is present for the majority of the day, she craves the reassuring presence of human companionship and the security of being part of a close-knit unit.

Given her gentle disposition, Pippi would thrive in an environment where any resident children are aged 12 or over, possessing the maturity and understanding to interact with her in a considerate manner.

Situated in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, Pippi awaits a loving family eager to welcome her into their hearts and provide her with the love, attention, and companionship she so fervently desires.

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Leash of Life Wiltshire
Leash of Life Wiltshire

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Leash of Life in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, please telephone 07846 663896. An adoption fee of £425 will apply.

Leash of Life are a small Wiltshire based rescue which rescues dogs mainly from Romania, but also some local. They place dogs in local foster homes to assess before homing and all dogs are microchipped, vaccinated and spayed/neutered unless the dog is too young or elderly. All potential adopters are home-checked and post-adoption support is offered.

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