Pippin – 19 month old female Labradoodle

Pippin is a 19 month old Labradoodle bitch being fostered in Gloucestershire in an adult home with other dogs.

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Pippin came into our care after her family felt unable to cope with her along with their children and gave her the time and exercise she needed.

When Pippin arrived she was extremely stressed, anxious and worried her foster carer had to sleep on the sofa with her the first night, it’s still early days but she is getting into a good routine and it seems to be exactly what she needs.

She is getting on amazing with the other dogs especially the younger ones and they really love to play. She has been out and about and is now off the lead, very good with new dogs and is quick to initiate play. She has a very lovely nature.

Enjoying the water

Enjoying the park with her foster family

Playing with new dogs she has only just met

Bit of retrieving

She can easily get very over excited which results in her jumping and mouthing its not nasty in anyway and very puppy and it’s something we are working on but it’s a common trait in a lot of young dogs who have never been guided on how to stop it.

She can also get very nervous around her collar area again not nasty just scared but is very good putting a harness on.

Lovely Video of her first week

Indie her foster sister she adores

Making new friends her foster carers sister’s dog Mable also a Starfish dog

Pippin is a very lovely dog and will need people who have had rescue dogs before all the scared anxious and silly behaviour will stop with the right people and it would also be lovely for her to have another dog or dogs to live with.

She has not been left yet but did initially get very worried if you as much as left the room but this is settling down more now – very early days but this is Pippin so far.

Pippin has now been spayed, vaccinated, flea/wormed and chipped.

Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire
Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire

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