Polly is a 5 year old female British Bulldog. She has been a much-loved family member. But unfortunately, her owner lost his home and was forced to move in with relatives, who wouldn’t allow him to take her.

Polly came in obese, we have got her down to a perfect weight. She then had surgery to remove the excessive skin fold on her face which was affecting her eyes and had been infected in the deep creases for some considerable time.

Then, she had BOAS surgery to reduce her soft palette and open her airways. Once recovered, she was spayed.

Polly is now after massive expense on our part, a healthy dog, no longer obese, and doesn’t suffer from the horrendous skin infections, sore eyes, and breathing issues, which made her life so hard.

Please note care exercising Bulldogs in warm or hot weather is always required. Polly adores people. She hasn’t lived with children, but love’s them.

Though we will not home her with very small ones, due to the risk of her knocking them flying when she impersonates a tank, in the way only British Bulldogs can.

Polly can sometimes get a little over-excited and humps your leg, digging her nails in to hold on at the same time, this particularly happens if you are preparing food.

This behaviour needs to be discouraged. She also loves soft and squeaky toys, which might cause upset children too young to be responsible for their possessions.

Polly is clean and not destructive indoors, pretty good on a lead, recalls well, and is fine in the car.

Polly loves other dogs, but the typical bulldog style can be a bit too forward for some. She hasn’t tried to fight. She will chase a dog away if it’s annoying her.

Polly lives well with them but does tend to guard her food against them – there is no aggression towards humans over food.

When service is slow and anticipatory excrement levels rise, around food preparation, she body slams other dogs away. Can you help Polly find her best forever friend? Polly is at the Sanctuary near Kidwelly.

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Lizzies Barn Animal Sanctuary Carmarthenshire
Lizzies Barn Animal Sanctuary Carmarthenshire

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