Meet Poppy and Kate; they are a sweet pair of speyed female Parson Jack Russell Terrier’s that are six years and four years respectively. They have been with us since February 2007, as their owners were moving to new accommodation and unable to take them with them.

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Poppy (above) and Kate are best friends and are seeking a new loving home together as they eat and sleep together, following each other around everywhere! On arrival their pads were so sore and bleeding they were both put on medication help, and can only go out for two 15 minute walks on hard ground daily plus wee walks to slowly build up their pads.

Poppy is initially timid of new people, appearing very frightened and submissive taking her a while to come round but once she is confident of you she is a very sweet and affectionate dog. She loves to play and enjoys her walks, walking well on the lead, although she is equally as happy to curl up in bed. Poppy is a lot more confident in the company of her daughter, Kate so they must be rehomed as a pair. She knows a couple of commands however she will only perform these once she is confident of you.

Dear little Kate (above) is more outgoing and confident then her mother Poppy although again she can be timid of new people and will behave in a submissive way but it doesn’t take her long to come round and she will always greets you with a warm welcome. She is an active dog, enjoying her walks, but tends to pull on the lead initially with excitement and loves to play ball so she will need someone who can give her the exercise she needs. Kate does not appear to know many commands however is eager to please so it shouldn’t be too difficult to train her further.

They are not destructive and are calm and quiet when left, happy to curl up together in their bed for a few hours until you return. They love to be around people and are definitely lap dogs, enjoying their cuddles and all the attention they can get. They will need a patient and understanding owner as they need someone to help them learn the art of housetraining, as they were obviously never taught this when young in their previous home. Poppy and Kate will make loving and loyal companions for any older family, as they are good with other dogs and children aged over 12+ but without cats.

Can you offer our sweet pair a new loving home together that they deserve and so desperately need?

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