Prancer – 5 month old male Belgian Shepherd Cross

Prancer is a 5 month old male Belgian Shepherd Cross. He was left at the shelter, abandoned with his siblings in a cardboard box outside the gates.

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Prancers spent the majority of his short life inside the confines of the shelter and have yet to experience what it’s like to have his own home and family.

As far as he’s aware, the shelter is a normal place to live, but we desperately don’t want him to grow up there.

Prancer is loving life and is SO ready to leave the shelter. He is simply brimming with love and affection, he trusts with ease and he just adores being in the company of people.

Prancer is a very well-behaved, obedient boy who would thrive with some training and direction.

Prancer is very keen to please and equally eager to learn, so a family who can tap into this and give him plenty of mental enrichment and training would be ideal for him.

Prancer is an explorer and very brave when out and about on walks. He loves adventure and is always interested in things going on around him.

Prancer’s forever gazing outside of the cracks in his kennel or through the wire fencing, watching what’s going on outside of the pound.

Prancer loves bird watching and people watching, so he’s going to be amazed when he discovers what windows have to offer!

Prancer is well socialised with other dogs and having spent most of his life so far alongside other dogs of various shapes, sizes, breed types and ages, nothing phases him.

Prancer is playful and reads canine body language well, so we don’t foresee any issues with him with dogs in the future so long as initial interactions are done properly.

Prancer loves to play and is often the first one to instigate a game in the yard with the others!

Prancer could easily live alongside another dog and would benefit from a pal of similar energy to him, who likes to play, but he’s confident enough to be homed as the only resident dog too.

Prancer hasn’t had much exposure to young children but his temperament suggests he would be happy to meet them.

Prancer hasn’t behaved adversely towards anyone or anything since being in the shelter and as such, we think a home with kids aged 6+ would be appropriate.

Prancer has had some interactions with cats and has been fine, although this is outside in an open space and his behaviour could easily differ in a contained shared home environment.

Prancer would be a lovely addition to a home looking for an active, trainable, young dog. He would adore a family who likes being outdoors and would be best suited to a home slightly outside of the city with access to a garden.

Prancer is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. He is ready to travel once she finds him a forever home.

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