Pumpkin – 14 week old female Romanian Mioritic Sheepdog

Pumpkin is a 14 week old female Romanian Mioritic Sheepdog. She is such a happy puppy and loves to play with all of the other animals – both dogs and cats.

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Pumpkin will grow to a large size when fully grown. She will also shed her coat as well so not the best dog for an allergy/asthma sufferer. She is really good with people and very biddable although as all puppies will need house trained, lead trained etc.

Romanian Sheepdogs are very intelligent as well as very loyal dogs. They were bred to look after sheep from thieves and other animals. Pumpkin will need a home with free access to a garden and be able to have at least 1 good long walk per day.

There would need to be someone at home for at least part of the day and she cannot be left for long periods of time.

We do not re-home to families with resident children under the age of 7 years old. Homecheck and application form required. As a rescue we provide ongoing support making sure the adoption is successful and the dog is happy in their new home.

As a responsible rescue we do not neuter/spay young puppies and ask if this is done by the adopter at 12 months of age.

Dogs Without Borders Scotland
Dogs Without Borders Scotland

For further details about adopting a dog from Dogs Without Borders Scotland, please contact Janet by emailing dwbscot@gmail.com or via our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dwbscot using the messenger button.

All of our dogs come from Romania and have spent time with our Romanian rescuer either in their home or in suitable kennels until adopted. As we are a small rescue we have only a few dogs in foster in the UK, most are direct adoptions from Romania to the UK.

We offer support throughout the whole process as well as after the dog has arrived which is the most important time of all.

We do not adopt to families with resident children under the age of 7yrs. and try where possible to cat test out dogs. Please note, all our dogs have comprehensive blood works as well as being fully vaccinated/microchipped and registered to the new owner.

We also neutered/spayed responsibly and provide full post adoption support. Home check/application form apply as well as telephone/video call.

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